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New SEO is Content, Email and Social Media Marketing. (Part 1)

by Vitaliy Podoba
Vitaliy Podoba avatar

In this article I’ll share with you a few ideas on the direction where website marketing and promotion is moving. And will give you a few suggestions and next actions to take in order to start moving in the same direction and always stay upfront movement, but not behind.

Everybody wants to have his website ranking high, being popular and profitable among wide range of audience. Marketing, advertising and website promotion are those activities that you need to perform on regular bases to achieve some satisfactory results.

Let’s start with quick overview:

Google Search Engine

These days Google robot is better and better checking websites on real value it provides for it’s own visitors. Deliberate link building, low quality semi-generated content and other not so natural techniques to promote the website become less and less effective.

Google updates it’s search engine rules every half a year and with every update natural site visibility and usefulness to it’s visitors becomes more and more important.

If we provide great content on our site, usable, simple and nice looking design, really help and support our visitors, then that site will eventually do great in google rankings.

The more people talk and share your content – the better. Search engines now track and refer your content in social networks too.

And while buying expensive relevant links is still working (and will probably continue to work for quite some time), I’m pretty sure with every new search engine updates, it’ll become less and less effective.

So I suggest every site owner to be prepared for these changes and seriously consider the next new SEO rules:

  • content marketing,
  • social media marketing,
  • and finally email marketing.

All these work best only if joined together.

A lot of online entrepreneurs, website owners already know this new trend and successfully adopt new strategy to get more visitors, lead and finally clients using their online asset: website.

If you’re not among these guys yet, then it’s high time to take another try and start working on new marketing and promotion corner stones.

Now, let’s consider each technique separately:

Content Marketing

What are you doing to get married?

You meet nice person, then date with him/her for some time, getting acquainted closer to get to know each other better. And if everything goes well, you make a proposal and hope for ‘yes’ ūüôā This could take months and sometimes even years for you to build strong relationship. This definitely pays off in the long term to spend a few months to have happy whole life!

The same story goes about your website visitors, newcomers.

Do not expect them to buy from you on their first visit on the site. Instead provide some information about you and your company, give away something for free, some free and useful content, maybe some teaching material to download (ebook, video or audio course or training). In other words make something useful for your new visitor and make them return to your website again.

The easiest way to provide free value is to prepare interesting, practical and teaching blog post for your potential customer/audience. Think about what can be of any use to them, and write about this. This is the best way to invest your time (or money if you hire a writer) for long-term perspective.

Regular blog posts, teaching email courses, video or audio curses, free ebook, whitepaper or report – all these things are what is called content. Preparing and sharing it with your potential clients is what is called content marketing.

Make a habit (or hire someone) to post and share regularly useful content on your company online blog.

Best work practical, actionable content with real life stories, famous people and numbers. The more sensire and easy to get is your story the more visitors engagement it’ll deliver to you.

Let your visitor know who you are, make your company sound very personal. One on one talks are most engaging.

Good content takes hours to prepare but it’ll definitely pays off in the long run.

Only after your website visitors receive some real value for free and after they get to know you better, after you build trust, they will want to pay you for your extra value, for your products and services. And, of course, return to your website again and again.

In the next article we’ll consider second part of our “New SEO” approach and learn how to use social media and email campaigns¬†to grow your¬†business.

And now I want to give you list of the next actions to take in order to start your move in Content Marketing direction.

Next things todo on Content Marketing:

  • If you do not already have your company blog, start it (WordPress will work perfectly, it’s cheap, effective and easy to use).
  • Define your key audience: who they are? what they do? what is the value¬†you can deliver to them? Firstly focus on one segment. It’ll be hard to prepare teaching material for different audience segments at once.
  • Find out what are 4 most important questions/problems your potential customer struggles with?
  • Prepare 4 articles that will answer these 4 most important questions and post them on your blog over the course of the next 4 weeks.

Even if you don’t fully understand why do you need it all, I really recommend trying above actions on your own and see how it goes. After finishing it all you’ll get better idea where to move next and what to do with it.

I hope you’ll find this very basic¬†overview on content marketing helpful¬†and will use it to your benefits.

Got a question? Post in comments and we’ll¬†try to help!

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