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Education Software Development and Solutions

Make the most out of educational technology to raise your business efficiency and stay competitive on the market. SoftFormance creates innovations in the educational process and helps schools, enterprises, educational institutions, and startups automate all educational processes with the help of various educational software solutions.

Education software
services we offer

Academic Software

If you need to manage the learning process easier and evaluate students’ performance, you need academic software. It helps automate and manage all educational processes, administration, and learning needs efficiently.

Business Training Software

This type of software is used by companies to manage the education and training of their employees. We create business training software that helps companies increase their employees’ professional competence and evaluate the effectiveness of training.

Self-Education Software

Self-education software allows students to take control over their learning and combine both offline and online learning methods. With this type of software, students can track their own progress, find all materials they need online, and ask for teachers’ help only when needed.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

SoftFormance is an education software development company, and we develop learning management systems (LMS). LMS are web-based technologies used for planning, management, implementation, and assessment of the learning process. An LMS allows teachers and instructors to create and share content with the students, monitor their activity and participation, and assess their performance.

Skill Assessment Solutions

If you want to make the most out of your education software, you need new skill assessment solutions. Accurate and fair assessments are essential to providing high-quality education and feedback. We can create new skills assessment solutions for you and help you increase the credibility of e-learning.

Benefits of our Education Software
Development services

Educational software services help businesses and educational institutions digitalize the learning process and increase students’ engagement. It’s high time to jump on the bandwagon and invest in educational software and LMS development if you want to automate your business process and grow. Our education software solutions development has multiple benefits: it provides new learning opportunities for students, self-paced learning, increased accessibility for everyone, and easier staff management and onboarding process.

Agile development

Ensure accessibility

We create education software that can be used by anyone! The learning materials are accessible to everyone online from any location and time zone. Allow your students to complete courses online at any time and location, making learning even more accessible and fun.

Agile development

Create new learning opportunities

Our education software helps you keep students constantly motivated to study by providing them with new learning opportunities online. We help create hybrid courses, new collaboration methods, personalized instructions for assignments, and multiple new creative learning strategies.

Agile development

Create a healthy class environment

Utilizing the educational software we create helps maintain wellness and safety in class, provides emotional support to students by organizing one-on-one calls between students and teachers, and provides constant classroom management support to IT admins. Making sure that your students feel comfortable in class is the key to academic performance and a healthy class atmosphere.

Agile development

Promote self-paced learning

Education software solutions created by our team allow students to learn at their own speed. With eLearning, it is possible to adapt to the student’s schedule, allow them to choose when to study and pass exams, update content fast, and keep the info relevant.

About Our Company

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We are an app development company with a special focus on SaaS software development and complex Python-powered solutions. E-learning is one of our top-priority industries, so we certainly know how to deliver educational software that fulfills all your needs.

Our Top Priorities

While working on our education technology development, we offer you a number of guarantees that allow you to feel safe about the outcome of your project. Our top four priorities are:


As we apply the same project management system as our customers


Which makes us take full responsibility for the end result

High performance

Which drives us to over-deliver and exceeds your expectations


As we are prepared for any requirements changes in the middle of the project and are always ready to adapt

Take advantage
of our expertise

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Vitaliy Podoba

CEO, SoftFormance

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Our Clients

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Our Clients Cases

kidi board


Another project of ours is KidiBoard. It’s an application for parents that contains both a marketplace and a social network. We created education software that allowed parents who use KidiBoard to connect with each other, find clubs, seminars, and activities for their kids, and even look for personal tutors there. Users can look for art classes for their kids, yoga, photography courses, and other activities in their location. They can also chat with other users and make posts on their feeds.



One of the educational platforms we created is ToDoo. It helps people build their careers online. ToDoo is an IT platform that helps people learn everything about a new future profession from scratch and get employed in top world companies. They onboarded about 20,000 students into the online cabinet platform. With the help of our educational software, the time to check students’ homework and manage business tasks for staff members decreased by 30%. Moreover, students are much happier when using ToDoo because of the great UI and easy-to-use app, better experience, and better completion rates from the students.


Another client that wanted us to create educational software for them was a school named CoursPi. Before working with us, CoursPi stored the majority of their data either on Excel files or in paperwork, and the educational process was not automated. We created a new software for them called PoulPi. It allowed to make the school’s online cabinet more flexible, get rid of so much paperwork and countless Excel files, and shift everything online. Now, the school has multiple online forums and other social features that allow students, educators, and parents to communicate, learn, and complete assignments easier.

The Technologies We Use













What Our Client Say about Us

“SoftFormance delivered the app and assistance as specified. They offer an excellent partnership with their sincere interest in the business. They offered their consultation as a complimentary part of their services, setting them apart from their competition. They deliver high-quality results.”

Vladimir Kuzma

CEO & Co-Founder at Byteful GmbH

"The app boasted over 6,000 users, who appreciated its clean designs and solid performance. SoftFormance impressed with their capable project management, deep talent pool, and consistent communication style. The team addressed any issues quickly and thoroughly."

Ethan Sigmon

CEO at Social Insight LLC

“Thousands of students and teachers now use the platform developed by SoftFormance, and it is working well. Although they’ve faced some challenges and normal delays, the team procures to be timely and responsive. Additionally, They’re reliable and trustworthy, and they’ve developed a quality product.”

Majd Haidar

Director at Versae Consult

Our Team

local power
SoftFormance is an education software development company that grew from just two developers in 2011 to 30+ in 2022. Our team of developers is proficient in multiple technologies and can develop any type of software solution for your business or educational institution. Our hiring process is incredibly rigorous, which means that we employ only top talent. Some candidates undergo more than 16 hours of interviews.


1. Why is software important in education?

Educational software improves the education of students no matter their level and age. It helps organize content and gives access to it, tracks students’ progress, and reduces the cost of education. Moreover, education software reduces teacher workload and enhances student engagement and performance.

2. What features should high-quality educational software have?

High-quality education software should have several main features: it should be incredibly easy to use for students of all ages and have easy-to-use UI. Moreover, it should be easy to customize and add new features.

3. Does software change the quality of education?

Yes, it gives easier access to education to everyone, no matter their location, and allows constant updating of information. Moreover,  students interact and participate in the learning process more.

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Kate Pakhomova

Sales Partner, SoftFormance

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