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Fintech Application Development Company

Raise your business efficiency bar or become a new industry sensation with next-gen fintech development services. Whether you need a finance management automation solution or a brand-new budget management app, SoftFormance is here to help.

We Work With

We distinguish two main directions in our fintech app development services.

Agile development

Startup Fintech Development

The examples of Mint, Chime, and other world-class financial software startups inspire millions of entrepreneurs across the world. And you have real chances to repeat their success. All that’s required is an interesting idea and its quality implementation. SoftFormance is ready to help you handle both.

Agile development

Enterprise Fintech Development

Financial technology apps help you take business efficiency to a new level as they help you automate analytics, finance estimates, projections, contract management, and many more. And we certainly know how to help you build solutions that perfectly align with your business logic.

Our FinTech Software Development Capabilities

With more than 10 years of experience in fintech software development, we’ve successfully solved many tasks and handled many challenges. Still, we have a list of capabilities and competencies that are our top priorities.

Smart Budgeting App Development

If you want to create an app that will facilitate both ordinary users and entrepreneurs in managing their budgets, we're ready to become your helping hand.

Enterprise Credibility Check Apps

Here's one more valuable trend in enterprise fintech app development. Credibility check applications enable their users to check the credibility of their potential customers and partners.

Stock Trade App Development

With the growing popularity of the stock trade, trading apps become extremely important. We're ready to provide you with a highly-dynamic stock trade app with many features and pleasant bonuses.

Lending App Development

The development of applications that allow users to lend money is on the rise. And we certainly know how to create a quality app that will help both people who loan and those who manage the loans.

Mobile Banking App Development

A solid bank needs an app to ensure an excellent customer experience. Such an app should be extremely useful and secure. But we certainly know how to deliver game-changing fintech mobile app development services.

Digital Marketplaces

Sell thousands of items to various online users, sort out your goods, and manage your revenues with good old marketplace apps. Building a quality marketplace is not an easy task but certainly one we can handle.

Crypto Trade Apps

Cryptocurrency is the future. Software founders that have managed to recognize it and create the leading crypto trade apps have managed to get their glimpse of glory. There's still a chance for you to repeat their success and ask us to build an excellent crypto trade platform.

Financial Analysis App Development

You may want to create a SaaS solution that will provide existing businesses with financial analysis features or build an analytical app for your own business needs. In both cases, we're ready to help.

Our Fintech App Development Approach

When providing our fintech software development services, we go with a tried and trusted software development methodology. You can see these 7 steps below.


Idea Generation

That's when we help you come up with an idea for a perfect startup app or an application that will help you automate your finance management processes.


Product Strategy

Here we go more specifically and make some crucial decisions on how your solution should run and develop.


Project Roadmap

This stage involves us developing a detailed roadmap that will guide us through the entire fintech development process. That’s when we also consider the main fintech development regulations.


MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Build

This stage is more relevant to fintech startups because that's when we develop an early version of your product that will face the end-user. However, even if you're in for a solution that automates your processes, building an early product version first may be a great idea.


Post-release Support and Logistics

The release is only the beginning. We're ready to guide your financial software product further on to help you get maximum advantage of it.


UI/UX Design

That's when our application design specialists decide on how your app will look and interact with the users.


MVP Release

That's when we release your MVP app to see how the customers perceive it or, if it goes about an enterprise solution, your employees work with it.

Regulatory Compliance

Agile development

There’s a great list of regulations we consider while providing our fintech application development services. In Europe, these are The European Union’s 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, ACPR, AMF, etc. In the U.S., the most valuable fintech development rules are U.S. anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and Financial Modernization Act. We know all these rules and even more. So we can grant you quality and solid regulation-compliance practices, such as checklists, regulation consulting, and checklist-driven development.

User Data Protection

Agile development

We understand that fintech software can store private user data and other types of information that should be protected, including bank account details, social security code, etc. To make sure that nothing threatens such data, we implement data protection practices, such as format-preserving encryption, hashing, Tokenization, differential privacy, login and logout monitoring scripts, etc.

Third-party Integrations

Agile development

Most fintech platforms require integrations with third-party platforms, such as Stripe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and so on. This creates additional security challenges and may disturb your app’s security and performance. To solve these challenges, we apply the best transaction security practices and do software integration testing as a separate testing stage. We also apply Python AI/ML integration libraries, such as scikit-learn, to enforce fintech apps with world-class automation features.

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We are a fintech app development company with a special focus on SaaS software development and complex Python-powered solutions. Fintech is one of our top-priority industries, so we certainly know how to deliver financial apps that fulfill all your needs.

Our Four Promises

While working with our fintech software development company, you get a number of guarantees that allow you to feel safe and dry regarding the outcome of your project. Our four essential promises are:


As we apply the same project management system as our customers


Which makes us take full responsibility for the end result

High Performance

Which drives us to over-deliver and exceed your expectations


As we are prepared for any requirements changes in the middle of the project and are always ready to adapt

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Kate Pakhomova

Sales Partner, SoftFormance

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Our FinTech Cases

Here are some of our top fintech customers. We are proud to be the ones to help them implement their most ambitious plans and solve the most significant challenges.



Software for managing crypto payments and converting cryptocurrencies
Location: USPlatform: Web
We developed a tool for managing crypto payments. SmartPay enables its users to convert their BTC to fiat with same-day payouts wired to their bank account. The platform provides the most relevant exchange rates, offers its services at low fees, and provides seamless payment security.



Online SaaS service for solvency checks
Location: USTechnologies: Python/Django, React.js, Celery
Platform: Web

Here is our fintech industry product that allows its business customers to check if their end clients can actually pay them. Solvenzio is simple-in-use and is powered by strong analytical algorithms. Users can purchase a one-time check option or a long-term subscription to this service.

Read more


Revenue Compass

Commercial intelligence platform for fast moving consumer good manufacturers
Location: USTechnologies: Python/Django, React.js, Celery
Platform: Web

This user-friendly fintech platform provides excellent analytical functionality to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers. Revenue Compass helps them reduce enterprise-wide price leakages, optimize trade spending, maximize value capture, and find the best partner prices. Simply put, the platform allows FMCGs to weaponize their data into a competitive advantage

Read more

What Our Clients Say

"We were always able to meet and solve problems in a timely fashion."

Mark Anthony Peterson

Founder & CEO Ziscuit, Inc.

"The communication is quick and simple, and their knowledge is solid."

Ralf Sonderegger

IT Admin GRYPS Offertenportal AG

“SoftFormance was very well-organized and handled through the whole process; deliverables, the knowledge, they knew exactly what was going on.”

Bryan Rodriguez

Lead Technical Architect Gozooko

Our Team

local power
SoftFormance is a fintech software development company that grew from just two developers in 2011 to 30+ in 2022. Our team of developers is proficient in multiple technologies and can develop any type of software solution for your business or financial startup. Our hiring process is incredibly rigorous, which means that we employ only top talent. Some candidates undergo more than 16 hours of interviews.


1. How much can it cost to develop mobile apps for fintech?

Building an MVP version of your fintech app will cost you around $80.000-160.000. As for existing business solutions, their price will typically start from $100.000.

2. Is it possible to optimize app development costs?

You can optimize the cost of fintech app development if you start with an MVP version that will cost you less than the full application. As for most “lifehack” shortcuts, I’d recommend you avoid them because this can impact the quality of your end product.

3. What are the different types of fintech software?

There’s a great variety of fintech applications. The ones that we are focused on include smart budgeting apps, lending apps, credibility check platforms, mobile banking applications, stock trade platforms, crypto trade apps, financial analysis applications, and digital marketplaces.

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Vitaliy Podoba

CEO, SoftFormance

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