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Healthcare Application Development

Healthcare application development is the best way to bring medical services to a new level by automating routine processes, boosting patient care, organizing medical documentation, and medical management. You can get all of these benefits and many more with our help.

Technologies for the Best Patient Outcomes

Agile development

Around 93% of healthcare practitioners are sure that the use of medical software improves patient care. Isn’t it a solid reason to go for healthcare app development? Happy and healthy patients improve your reputation, which brings your medical business countless benefits. The best thing is that software solutions may solve or ease almost any challenges faced by healthcare providers.

Mobility in Healthcare

Agile development

An integral benefit of medical app development is mobility. What does it mean? Whether it goes about managing medical appointments, checking out the medical inventory, or treating a patient remotely, medical software brings cross-platform solutions. Some of the world’s most advanced medical apps can be accessed via a personal computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Solid Healthcare Expertise

Agile development

If you build a medical app with an experienced technology partner, the chances of success are very high. You’ll get useful insights and ideas on how to kickstart your processes with a digital solution and improve the overall quality of care you deliver.

Healthcare Software Services We Provide

So, let’s look at what’s on the menu. Here’s the selection of healthcare software services we provide at SoftFormance.

Lab Management Software Development

Boost your lab processes, lab result management, and lab-hospital interaction with laboratory management solutions. We’ve done such apps before, so we certainly know how to deliver an excellent lab management solution.

Healthcare App Modernization

Sometimes, a very decent software solution may not work because of legacy parts. We’re the ones to solve this problem. Whether it goes about expanding the app with new features or rebuilding it with the newest technologies, we’re in.

Medication Marketplace Development

One of the top picks for commercial medical businesses. Less pressure with HIPAA-style stuff and much clearer incomes. We’re ready to help you launch a large marketplace with any number of items and lists you need.

Medical Management Software Development

Here it goes about patient scheduling apps, staff management software, medical inventory management solutions, and many more. The main thing is that we certainly know how to deliver any of those apps. And this will certainly bring your management practices to a new level.

Healthcare Accounting Software Development

Manage your medical records, financial documentation, and inventory-related stuff more efficiently than ever. We will help you create secure and efficient accounting software that follows your business needs and even surpasses them.

Patient Test Software Development

Take full advantage of embedded devices with our IoT solutions. Regardless of the patient test type and device that collects these measures, we’ll deliver software that will collect, record, and process test results better than ever.

Medical Software Integration

Do you have a good software solution but don’t know how to integrate it into your software processes? That’s when we come into action. We will help you take full advantage of medical apps and their features.

Patient Monitoring Software Development

Create complex monitoring tools and IoT systems that help your practitioners treat the patients remotely. It is also a perfect solution for home treatment and self-care, the two notable healthcare trends.

Developing Apps for Condition Treatment

Apps may not only help practitioners, but they can also treat patients. We can build a game-changing app that will help your patients treat dyslexia, depression, and any other conditions that require much self-care.

Healthcare Automation

Whether it goes about patient treatment or medical business matters, automation improves efficiency and saves you money. We’re ready to apply any solutions and practices to help you earn both.

Our Capabilities

Here are some of the key skills and practices that we apply to be a perfect healthcare app development company for our clients.

HIPAA Compliance

We certainly know that HIPAA compliance is one of the greatest concerns in modern healthcare. A failure to secure protected health information may cost a digitized medical business up to $16 million. That’s why we work according to the advanced HIPAA compliance checklist that leaves no space for any data leaks or security flaws.


As long as mobility is one of the greatest benefits of medical software, mHealth is a top-priority direction in healthcare app development. We are an experienced healthcare mobile app development company. So, we certainly know the best practices and technologies to launch excellent mHealth applications.


We know that another notable challenge in healthcare app development is making all things work together and integrating them with older systems. That’s why we pay much attention to interoperability standards and apply our best practices to make medical software systems work more smoothly than ever.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most valuable healthcare trends that brings the connectivity of many devices into a single medical infrastructure. The most important thing about IoT development is experience. With numerous successful healthcare mobile app development projects involving IoT, we certainly have one.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the main explosive duo in modern software development. As avid Python enjoyers, we certainly know how to apply the best AI development language to deliver excellent machine learning algorithms. And AI can expand your app with truly miraculous features, ranging from mere chatbot automation to the most complex ML-based analytics.

Cloud Technologies

We have solid experience in bringing the main cloud benefits to our clients. So, while building cloud medical solutions with SoftFormance, you may feel safe. No benefit of cloud technologies shall be missed, and your solution will rely on cloud solutions that perfectly fit your business needs.

Our Process

This is how we organize our workflow. We’re into step-by-step methodologies. Here’s the one we apply when developing a healthcare app from scratch.


Idea Generation

First, we help our clients come up with an idea that fits their business needs and bring real value to their services.


Product Strategy

That’s when we help healthcare customers understand how they will use and develop the upcoming product.


Project Roadmap

That’s when we plan practical stages of product development. Various estimates, checklists, and worksheets also go at this stage.



We actively develop a healthcare app according to the requirements defined during the previous stages.


Product Deploy

When the app’s quality is confirmed, we can deploy it. Now, you can see and measure how it, actually, affects your processes.



That’s when we come up with UI and UX design ideas for the upcoming healthcare software.


HIPAA Review and QA

Once the product is developed, we apply traditional QA practices to test it. But we also conduct a thorough HIPAA review to make sure that the app is secure and doesn’t violate any data protection rules.


Post-release Software Logistics

Even if the app is released and runs really great, it still has to be updated from time to time. We handle such tasks upon request.

What Our Clients Say

"SoftFormance is organized—it’s easy to see what they’re working on and how it’s being prioritized."

Ethan Sigmon

CEO Social Insight LLC

"The communication is quick and simple, and their knowledge is solid."

Ralf Sonderegger

IT Admin GRYPS Offertenportal AG

“I’ve never really had an experience with them where they couldn't deliver.”

Martin Schoel

Founder Help Service

Healthcare Solutions
We’re Proud Of

Now, here’s a subjective selection of my six favorite healthcare projects that the SoftFormance team has sealed in style.



App for patient data and genome reporting management
Location: US, CaliforniaTechnologies: Python/Django, React.jsPlatform: Web
We helped the customer build a web platform that provides patients with comprehensive and complete information about genetic factors that influence their health predispositions. Our product enables practitioners to track and manage the full patient cycle from initial request to medicine toolkit acceptance and up to providing full genome reports online.
Read more


Web and mobile platform for addiction treatment
Location: USTechnologies: Python, Django, JavaScript
Platform: Web, Mobile

The customer is one of America’s leading rehab and drug addiction aid resources. We helped them expand their service with an online place where therapists can serve patients with free and paid advice. Our update enabled them to add $30k of MRR to the business.
Read more



Online service for remote patient testing
Location: US, CaliforniaTechnologies: Python/Django ReactJS
Platform: Web

Our team developed a service that allows patients to do tests remotely, from home. It provides an online survey with the approval process, payment features, and a toolkit for managing a warehouse with lab tests. The app also includes an online dashboard for users to check the results.
Read more



Web platform for treating children with dyslexia and other speaking issues

Location: AustraliaTechnologies: Python, Django, JavaScript
Platform: Web

One more medical software product that I’m proud of is a dyslexia treatment app. It provides voice training to children with speaking problems. The app involves a broad range of functionality, including ML testing, the opportunity to share audio files, and advanced patient reporting.
Read more

Growth Empowerment

Growth Empowerment

SaaS for therapists and psychologists

Location: CanadaTechnologies: Figma Balsamique, HTML/CSS, ReactJS
Platform: Web, mobile

Our team developed a SaaS platform for psychologists & therapists. It provides business automation features to mental health specialists. The platform allows them to easily manage customers, assign appointments, consultation sessions, and keep track of payments.



Complex laboratory management system

Location: US, TexasTechnologies: Python, Zope, Plone CMS
Platform: Web

We created a laboratory management platform that allows its users to streamline daily lab processes and samples. This product helps lab managers assign and monitor jobs. It also provides advanced functionality for storing and searching for lab samples and lab test results.

Why Should You Hire Us for Healthcare App Development?

So, if the above-mentioned quotes and project examples are not enough for you, here are a few more reasons to consider us as your perfect healthcare app development company.


We value honesty and transparency in our relationships with partners. That’s why we keep absolutely all things transparent while working on our projects.


We easily take ownership of your idea. There’s no need to control each step. You may just keep calm and check out the milestones from time to time. And, believe us, you won’t be disappointed.

Industry Expertise

We know all the main trends and tech tricks about healthcare software development. We’re also not afraid of challenges and easily handle the main underwater stones of healthcare app development, such as HIPAA compliance.

High Performance

We have tons of custom practices that help us solve tasks in record terms. And we never hesitate to over-deliver to give our customers even more.


Even if you want to change your requirements during the project, we’re ready to adjust. Flexibility and responsiveness are the essentials of our project management approach. So, what are you waiting for?

Start your healthcare application development project today!

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Contact us to have a conversation and learn how the SoftFormance team can help you implement a healthcare solution that will boost your healthcare management practices and take the quality of care you provide to a new level.


1. Why is healthcare app development so popular?

The demand for digital software solutions rises with growing health awareness. Whether you want to provide people with a unique medical value or launch an app that will boost your healthcare practices, medical app development is key.

2. How do you build healthcare apps?

We follow a step-by-step approach involving idea generation, product strategy development, project roadmap creation, design, active development, QA and HIPAA compliance review, product release, and post-launch software logistics.

3. How do you handle HIPAA compliance?

We have solid experience in building secure apps that store protected health information. As a result, we implement a HIPAA checklist to make sure that nothing about application compliance is missed.

4. How much will developing a healthcare app cost me?

It will cost you around $120.000-$200.000 to get a HIPAA-compliant medical app MVP.

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