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Django Application Optimization Services

Already have a Django website? We provide a range of services to make your existing app work even better.

Performance Optimization (Speed-Up)

Site speed matters! If your website pages are slow to load, you’ll end up with a higher bounce rate and a lower conversion rate―not to mention that Google will place your site lower in search results. We can speed up your site with performance optimization and scaling services. We will improve the performance of your Django website from both ends: the server side and the front end. (To learn more about performance optimization and site speed-up, check out our new blog series.)

Improve Your Deployment Story

Bigger and more complex Python/Django projects require extra time to deploy new code to production, especially if you have to deploy to multiple servers. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend more time or money on every production deployment. There are a host of tools that can be adapted to your needs to make every deployment a piece of cake—Vagrant, Puppet, and Capistrano, to name a few. We use these tools as well as custom scripts to automate your deployment procedures, saving you time, work, and money in the future.

Tests and Continuous Integration

Long-term projects require code refactoring, upgrades, redesigns, and continual optimizing. But every code update can produce a bug elsewhere if you don’t have built-in testing. We recommend introducing automated tests into your long-term projects to ensure that every code update is safe. Properly coded automated tests will save you unexpected costs whenever you add new features—it’s an investment, not a waste of money. We will check your existing Django code and create an affordable plan to keep the most critical parts of your site running smoothly.

Housekeeping: code review, documentation

All software projects eventually fall into “code debt,” so it’s vital to do a code review once every few years to catch any issues. If you have an old Django project that needs revamping, drop us a line! We will review the Python code in your existing Django project and provide a detailed list of the issues we find, plus suggestions to improve your codebase. And if you like, we can complete those fixes ourselves to ensure your old project is running like new.

They deliver high quality software and documentation. Responsive and reliable during the project. Highly recommended!

TsungWei Hu

Software Integrator, Academia Sinica

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