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Plone CMS website monthly insurance for developers

Take care of your new client projects without worrying about existing Plone CMS websites. 24/7 support and monthly reports.

Do you really like to support your existing Plone CMS websites?


We, as web developers, always get super-excited about starting new client project. Usually there is something new to learn, some new challenges to take that will make us even better developers, and some new communications and contacts along the way… That is exactly why we love new project development.

But there is also the other side of the coin. After project is successfully complete client expects us to watch the server and new website. And this is natural. There will always be some minor fixes and updates to live website. Web application should always be up and running in a secured environment and with properly installed backups. And usually you’ll be the one who should take care of it all.

When we had our first 5 Plone CMS websites in our support list, it was ok to watch them in parallel to working on our brand new projects. But once we got more than 10 of them we understood that it all takes good amount of resources and time to keep up with all minor support related requests and issues. Thus we had to start building separate team to just work on support projects or check for someone that could do it for us.

Also Support related work sometimes may be cheaper than working on creating a new website. Things get even worse when you’re one-person company doing it all on your own and do not want to grow and manage people… Wouldn’t it be great if you can just delegate Support work for your existing Plone CMS websites to external team of professionals and save some time and energy to make more of a new business?

Introducing: Plone CMS monthly Insurance for developers


Initially we tried to find some Plone CMS providers that we can forward our Support websites to. But we were out of luck. We couldn’t find any good providers with high enough quality of services interested in Support work and for reasonable price. So we decided to do it ourselves.

Thus we organized our own small Plone CMS developers and administrators team that is dedicated solely to existing websites support. After we started and made sure it works perfectly for our existing clients we decided to help the other Plone CMS developers that might be at similar position we were a year ago.

So here is what we provide at very cheap price for one Plone CMS website:

  • Your application is always secured with the latest patches released by Plone CMS and Python community.
  • Your website is always up and running with regular backups that we set up and configure.
  • You receive monthly reports with Last Month Review that you can forward to your clients.

Also, if you need to do minor updates for your client then you may consider ordering Optimal (For Business Owners) package that includes five small (<30 minutes) jobs on Plone CMS website: this can be something like broken page fixes, email server configuration, users signup setup, minor styling fixes, add-ons installation and configuration, administration related tasks, explanations on how things work on the site, help with speed-up service like google pagespeed, etc. This way you will be able to focus completely on new website development. See below for more details.

And guess what? Monthly support plan will cost you just 2 hours of custom development services according to average market rates!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Softformance’s Monthly Insurance has never let us down. It is incredibly reassuring to know that we can count on Vitaliy and his excellent tech team. We look forward to the monthly reports which are part of their insurance plan. Great stuff!

Martin Schoel


Try to understand the problem fully and know Plone inside and out. Responsive and responsible.

Dylan Jay


These guys steadily provide great results in agreed time frame. Very good communication, cooperation and quality. High competency and fast understanding of the specification.

Ivan Kafedzhiev

Configuration Manager, Melexis

How does it work?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week we monitor your Plone CMS website whether it’s up and running.
Shall any issue appear on the site we start checking it and dig deeper into the core of the problem.
As soon as we know the reason, we fix the problem on the website.
After we fix the issue, we send you status email on the work we’ve done to fix it. Also, every month you get a report with a list of improvements for your website.

Pick your Plan and free your time for more important things!

30-day moneyback guarantee on all plans. Pick a plan below and contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay a year in advance?
Yes, in that case you save 10% on any of the above listed Plans.
Will you support more than one site?
Yes. Please note that our monthly support plans are just for the one website. You are welcome to sign up twice if you have two sites.
How long does a task take to complete?
We complete tasks on the same business day. If you request a task over the weekend, we generally take care of it on Monday morning unless we deem it to be urgent.
What tools do you use to provide your Optimal package of monthly insurance?
We use:

  • pingdom to monitor your website down times and site speed;
  • google analytics and webmaster tools to provide you with further improvement ideas on website SEO, visitors volume, conversion rates and any other business and technical related things;
  • munin to track your server performance.

Thus, after you signup for Optimal package we’ll need Administrator access to your Plone CMS site, ssh access to your server and finally access to your Google Analytics account to provide better quality of services.

Can I change plans at any time?
We do this only on the 1st day of the next month.
What does 24/7 support mean?
Most jobs are completed Monday to Friday, during business hours. We monitor urgent tasks like site is down or security patch releases over the weekend, so if there’s an urgent issue we can call in a SoftFormance developer for extra help.
Are there limits to the tasks you will do?
As part of our Optimal monthly plan we only do small 30 minutes jobs. If you need any other extra services on monthly bases, we can talk about your specific case as Custom monthly plan for different price.
Can I request additional services to my plan?
We provide Custom plan with your specific monthly services included and for a different monthly price.
If I’m not satisfied with your services?
Without any further questions we’ll refund you last month payment.
I want to sign up, but I have more questions…

We’ll be happy to help. Visit our contact page and drop us an email.

Our Plone CMS Projects

Got more questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.