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We are SoftFormance

Founded in 2011 by Python/Django developers, we’re a distributed team of web development experts based in Lviv, Ukraine.

A Team of Python and Django Web Professionals

We are growing team of Python and Django developers who are dedicated to building and optimizing web applications for business. Our team is small enough to offer individualized support for every client. But we’re also big enough to provide the expertise and services you need to make your idea a reality. Our CEO, Vitaliy, will personally see that your project is finished on time with the highest possible quality so that you can start seeing your business grow!

Meet Our Management Team

Vitaliy Podoba

Vitaliy Podoba

Founder, CEO

Starting as Python web developer in a small Lviv-based consultancy, Vitaliy then switched to freelancing and founded SoftFormance in 2011. These days, he is busy making sure the SoftFormance Team is booked in advance with Python and Django projects, and that current clients are happy while the team stays motivated with challenging tasks. The entire business side of SoftFormance relies on his work.

Vitaliy earned his MS degree in mechanics and mathematics, and he is a self-taught programmer. He enjoys helping beginners learn programming, writes a blog for Ukrainian geeks, and has authored a book in Ukrainian, entitled, “Web Development with Python and Django for Beginners“.

Currently residing in Lviv, Ukraine, Vitaliy enjoys mini-retirements around the world to exotic places for surfing, hiking and snowboarding, while successfully leading the SoftFormance Team. Non-stop.

Taras Melnychuk

Taras Melnychuk


Taras joined the SoftFormance team in 2011 as a senior Python web developer. With 10-plus years of programming experience, he is our technical expert. His commitment to the highest quality, fast delivery, clean and flexible architecture and his own continuous technical development is widely appreciated by our clients.

Taras holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics and computer science from Lviv National University. His specialties include Plone CMS, Django web development, and Python, Javascript and Java programming. As our chief technical officer, Taras ensures that SoftFormance remains on the cutting edge of open source. He’s a proponent of PEP8 coding conventions, automated testing and continuous integration and is always looking to improve our deployment process.

Taras lives in Lviv with his beautiful wife and their child. He loves visiting gym and snowboarding in the Carpathian mountains.

Our Services

We develop your business idea into a live web application using Python and Django. We also optimize existing websites for mobile and tablet use.

What Makes Us Better

We focus on long-term partnerships

We do our best to build and nurture long-term relationships with our clients.

We prefer to have a select group of lasting partnerships to a constant stream of one-time projects.

As part of our commitment to long-term partnerships, we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our services so that our clients will continue to receive the highest level of support.

We love OpenSource

We use only OpenSource solutions in our daily work. This leads to a few great benefits:

  • You don’t pay for software – just our services, which saves you money.
  • We have great support from the OpenSource community, and you have a lot of options when finding a support team for your business.
  • OpenSource allows us to give back to the community by sharing useful code and packages, making both our brands shine!

We make your goals a priority

Unlike other web development teams and consulting companies, we always keep your vision in mind.

We will never suggest or implement “the next big thing” unless it makes sense for your business related goals.

We know that our success depends on our clients’ success—that’s why we regularly send free reports to our long-term clients with suggestions for improving their businesses.

Our Development Cycle


Together we brainstorm, plan and agree on project specifications and user stories. Our team will prepare quotes for the project.


We present mockups and application designs, usually as a series of user interface proposals. You pick which one you like best, and we get started.


We’re busy developing the application. We use agile methodologies with two-week mini-milestones, so you can regularly check progress and approve partial results.


This is the most exciting part of the project: We review, test, debug, fix, approve and launch your web application. Then we happily provide support and further develop the functionality of your app.

Our Pricing Models

Time and Materials

It’s simple: You pay for the time and resources we spend on the project. We will provide an estimate for the number of hours each milestone will take, and you’ll pay us an hourly rate for the time we actually spend. With this model, you have the power to change project specifications any time, and the budget will change accordingly.

Fixed Priced

This model is best for the beginning of our partnership when project specifications are perfectly defined and fixed. But you will have little control over the project parameters once the project is started; any changes will result in re-evaluating the project scope and determining a new fixed price.

Are We a Good Fit for You?

  • You are a website owner who needs regular support and continual development
  • You are looking not just for technical support but also for great business advice from an experienced team
  • You want to focus on achieving your most important business goals, not getting bogged down in everything else
  • You are looking for a long-term partnership instead of a one-time contract
  • You only need developers for a one-time project
  • You aren’t sure exactly what your end goal is or how quickly you want to reach it
  • You don’t have time to respond to daily questions from our team
  • You want quality results at very little cost
If you think we might be the right web development team for your business, drop us a line or request a quote. We’d love to chat about your project.
For new start-up company like, having an external IT “team” from SoftFormance is vital. Vitaliy and his team has tirelessly assisting us in server migration, Plone development as well as SEO improvements. Vitaliy has the ability to gauge the issues and requirements we had and offer effective solutions. The team is highly professional, competent and organised. And most importantly, they deliver! Nicholle Tan