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ChooseHelp is one of the leading Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment online resources in US. The website effectively connects those that need help with experts, consultants and therapists.

We started to work with Martin Schoel, ChooseHelp founder, back in 2009 when site was running on top of Plone 2.5. So the first task was to migrate it all to Plone 3 (latest version at that time) and apply new design and functionality.

Working together with Client on new portal redesign, after more than 1 year of hard work, we were able to move all codebase and content from Plone 2.5 to Plone 3, significantly improve side speed and make code of better quality with automated tests and documentation.

Together with Client we developed brand new Experts section, completely redesigned treatment centers, updated Rehab ProgramsNews, Directory and Topics parts of the portal.

We’re still effectively working on the project helping make it better from technical point of view.

Talking about technical side of the project, there won’t be enough place to describe it all here. During 5 years we literally put tens of thousand lines of quality code into it with proper planning, road-mapping, agile sprint approaches, test-driven development, documentation and deployment procedures.

The most significant technical achievements to mention would be:

  • integrating LDAP database with tons of custom user fields and profile data;
  • sophisticated Users Dashboards – Cabinets, where users can ask questions, Experts can answer it; Administrators can approve Experts contributed articles and answers; also full workflow of Expert Application is integrated within Manager Dashboard;
  • Amazon AWS storage integrated into Plone CMS Files and Images, custom solution;
  • Dashboard panel with all site content updates to keep track of recent changes;
  • Most Read portlet that integrates Google Analytics in number of ways;
  • Disqus commenting engine – single sign on integration;
  • and many-many more…


Client: Martin Schoel (Germany)