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DELDINBEKYMRING is Danish municipality child-care service.

Site is built on top of Plone 4 CMS. The main challenge of the project was to make different sections of the site look completely different with different color sets and boxed elements. So the decision was to use (also known as Diazo) approach, which allowed us to have flexible enough rules for styling separate folders as completely different websites. The decision, as it turned out, was right!

The other challenging specification of the project was to allow webmaster edit and manage literally every aspect of the site. Every page and element, block of custom content had to be edited by content manager and site admin without further help of developers. So we decided to use collective.panels and contentleadimage addons and further integrate it in a way to satisfy project needs.

For QA section we successfully customized and integrated Products.FAQulator Plone addon.

Overall project was a success and we were able to finish it 100% already after first round of client feedback!

Client: (Denmark)



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January 21, 2013