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DillySocks Instagram

DillySocks Instagram

For online socks store from Switzerland SoftFormance developed custom Instagram widget that allows displaying posts by hashtags posted by their customers.

Dillysocks Instagram widget:

  • regularly collects newly posted images by DillySocks customers
  • allows finding images by hashtags
  • provides moderation tools
  • allows assigning specific categories and Insta posts to specific sections and pages on eCommerce portal
  • provides wide range of tools to manage look and feel of widget on UI side

The biggest challenge of the project was in constantly changing Instagram APIs and end-points, which made project run for couple months. And still, this widget requires regular support and upgrades.

This widget is custom made solution specifically for DillySocks client needs and provides wider range of features than any existing white labeled Instagram SaaS service.

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Posted on

June 29, 2017