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Freshious came to us with quite broken Plone CMS website, dirty of too many unnecessary addons that even didn’t allow us to do further custom development.

So the first decision we made was to get rid of existing database and migrate it to brand new one. We did it successfully and within short timeframe using transmogrifier tools.

After this we were able to continuously provide more value to the project applying redesign, adding more features and finally understanding project needs in general.

After 6 months of cooperation together with Arend-Jan, Freshious manager, we successfully changed a focus of whole project to Workshop Catalog, which provides wide range of workshops in Netherlands. Thus new website version is not doing a lot of different things but is focused exclusively on selling valuable Workshops.

We completely redesigned homepage that made it clear to our new-comers that the website is about providing workshops in Netherlands. Also we developed airbnb-like search results page with dynamic filters to allow our users find required workshops effectively and fast.

At this moment Freshious founders are looking for best Product-Market fit. And we’re helping and advising them on further possible steps.

If go to technical side of the project, we used:

  • Product.remember to integrate user profiles as content objects;
  • for database migration, as already mentioned above, we used transmogrifier;
  • to allow webmaster add new boxed pages we used ContentWellPortlets Plone addon;
  • for tabs dropdown menus: webcouturier.dropdownmenu and collective.panels;
  • we also integrated user Favorites tools using collective.favoriting addon;
  • to add header images to folderish objects we installed and configured collective.contentleadimage;
  • to implement sophisticated airbnb-like workshop search form we used Products.AdvancedQuery extension to catalog.


Client: Arend-Jan Majoor (Freshious, Netherlands)



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Posted on

October 10, 2015