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Opesta is a Facebook Messenger marketing automation platform. It helps users instantly increases open rates, click throughs, and conversions by providing everything they need to generate leads, market, and sell using the Facebook Messenger.

With Opesta users can create own Facebook Messenger chatbot and promote their products on behalf of their Facebook public page.

SoftFormance team successfully created prototype, then MVP and then released first public beta within 10 months of work. Now Opesta is successfully running in production mode with hundreds users and we keep adding more feature to this marketing platform.


Biggest challenge with Opesta was to constantly keep up with Facebook API changes and come up with tons of workarounds for specific restrictions on Facebook side.

Second biggest challenge was in developing own Pixel solution and 3rd party websites integration. For this we developed own javascript SDK which is tracking visitors activity similarly to Google Analytics script. We added smart Goals to Opesta based on subscribers interactions with our users websites.

Our team successfully developed:

  • One-time Broadcasts
  • Campaigns with Sequences
  • Multiple triggers, goals and actions as response to subscriber actions and messages
  • Own Pixel and tracking solution, own javascript SDK
  • Sophisticated analytics
  • Migration from ManyChat to Opesta
  • Rich messenger editor preview

Key Technologies used:

  • Python and Django web framework
  • PostgreSQL databases
  • Celery for background tasks
  • Angular.js for front-end app
  • Stripe for online payments

Client: Ethan Sigmon (US)


Client Feedback:

“SoftFormance impressed with their capable project management, deep talent pool, and consistent communication style. The team addressed any issues quickly and thoroughly.”

Ethan Sigmon
Founder and Managing Director, Opesta


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Posted on

March 8, 2018