ParkCommander is a campground booking system with great potential to turn into SaaS web app.

There are not so many good booking systems for campgrounds on Canada market. So our client decided to built his own platform from scratch.

In about 6 month after a lot of iterations SoftFormance team successfully created first version of reservation system and pushed to campground customers.


Biggest challenge with Campground booking system was much more complex reservation and fees calculation logic than you’d usually meet in regular hotels.

Second biggest challenge was to develop smart, easy and quick to use UI that would allow Agent to work his way to reservation in as little clicks as possible. After multiple iterations and after more than 6 month of hard work we finally achieved good balance between complex business logic and ease of use.

Our team successfully developed:

  • Smart Agent Booking Grid
  • Interactive Campground map reservation
  • Customer reservation dashboard
  • Point of Sale system (POS)
  • Customers Membership support
  • Multiple payment methods with refunds, and smart cancellation scenarios
  • Card, Driving License, Cashier Printer integrations, Parking Permit Printing
  • Events, Holidays, Discounts
  • Pets, Vehicles, Extra Guests calculations
  • Email Notifications system
  • Agent audit log

Key Technologies used:

  • Python and Django web framework
  • PostgreSQL database:s
  • Celery for background tasks
  • jQuery for front-end app
  • GlobalPayments for payment gateway

Client: Michael Noel (Canada)

More Screenshots:

Rehab Directory

Rehab Directory

Our existing client came to us with re-design existing online catalog of rehabs in US. Old one was contributed only by staff members and new one had to allow contributing rehabs by external users. So online catalog had to be turned into online marketplace where any rehab owner can submit own listings for some fee.

The main challenge of this project was in the fact that main website was built on top of Plone CMS. Plone CMS was good for content rich online media resource with multiple in-house writers and journalists. But it was not that good for online marketplace were multiple platform users would contribute own content.

So our team came up with new approach for this specific project:

  • we developed Rehabs Catalog site section using completely different technology stack (Python based web-framework – Django)
  • storing data in separate database
  • connecting users via OAuth login and LDAP directory
  • integrated Django section pages into main Plone CMS website using so called Server Side Includes (SSI)

Solution turned out to be really effective. We ended up with fast performing pages, and saved a lot of hours on re-using same design over new technology stack.


Key Technologies used:

  • Python and Django web framework
  • PostgreSQL databases
  • LDAP users directory
  • SSI (Server Side Includes)

Client: Martin Schoel (Germany)


Client Feedback:

SoftFormance is a team of outstanding python developers with great Python/Zope/Plone CMS skills… what really adds to their potential is their ability to work well with top-level assignments and come up with their own detailed solutions.

Martin Schoel
Founder and Managing Director, ChooseHelp is the first portal for customers of photographers where they can look for a suitable photographer for their purpose based on a selection of image styles. Normally, only a list of websites of nearby photographers is being provided which isn’t very helpful. sets out to vastly improve on this.

It was built around the 16 most often used photo categories, like weddings portrait, architecture and corporate.

And all this could be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Select category and location (including auto-locate).
  • Like a suitable image style within a photo category.
  • Get a list of well-rated photographers within your area, by selected category and with recommended photos specifically for your taste!

Carefully thought out UI provides visitor with smooth experience and easy to use procedure to find photographers. For photographers there are also great tools to keep their profile and portfolio up to date and with just few clicks.


SoftFormance team together with client built Beta version in just 6 months of active development. To make UI really easy and intuitive to use we applied a lot of experiments and some features were re-written for up to 5 times.

Technology stack includes:

  • Python, Django and PostgreSQL on server side;
  • Django Channels for background tasks like sending emails and PDF generation;
  • Javascript and tons of libraries for great UI, portfolio albums and dynamic backend for photographers (jQuery, Masonry, 3d Coverflow, etc…);
  • Nginx as front-end server.

The most significant technical achievements:

  • using Django Channels (newly released asynchronous Django framework solution) for background tasks and communication;
  • using external API to send emails in asynchronous mode and with templates stored in;
  • advanced work with PDF generation tools;
  • GEO location based searches;
  • nicely put together UI that works on all major browsers and devices (including tablets and mobiles);
  • continuous integration and instant “every-task-to-demo-deployment” mode;
  • front-end and back-end tests coverage.

Client: Photography Marketing 365 UG, Wolfgang Männel (Germany)


Client Feedback:

“I have worked with a number of software developers before but none of them quite reached the level of professionalism, diligence and enthusiasm that I experienced with Vitaliy and his team. They are incredibly easy to work with and almost always find great programming solutions to our requirements.

What I especially liked about the SoftFormance team is their passion and understanding for our project. It’s like working with friends. Friends that deliver on their promises.

Another great advantage is the seamless communication between Vitaliy’s team members in the background that gave me the impression when talking to one person on the team that everyone was also updated at the same time. This for me avoided redundancy in communication and greatly improved interface and overlap management for functional requirements.

I have nothing but praise for the work of SoftFormance team and look forward to working with this agency in the future.”

Wolfgang Männel
Founder and Managing Director, Fotografen365 Redesign Redesign is a place where you can buy vacation activity tickets around the world. Initially started as Spain Islands-only marketplace, in a new version it expanded and is now slowly covering other world countries.

We developed new iHoppers version from scratch, using same technology – Plone CMS, but this time with brand new 5 version. We decided to stick to Plone CMS as it allowed us to do all the content management out-of-the-box, thus focusing our time, efforts and resources on building dedicated marketplace functionality:

  • tickets catalog,
  • buyer cabinets,
  • blog and destination guides,
  • payment integration.


SoftFormance team together with client built new marketplace version in about 5 months. The most significant technical achievements:

  • internal SEO: whole website URL structure been updated to fit new business model – selling vacation activity tickets around the world; so we put a lot of efforts to make new website rank in searches at least on the same level as the old one; this included proper content migration strategy, URL redirections map and detailed review for content meta tags;
  • complex Tickets catalog in a form of world countries and destinations hierarchy, integrated with Blog section and Destination Guides; GEO location based searches;
  • nicely put together design/UI/UX that works on all major browsers and devices (including tablets and mobiles);
  • multi-language content and UI;
  • documented most important procedures for developers, content managers and website admins;
  • project been finalised with page speed optimisation milestone where we made big images load fast; also integrated proxy to improve overall website speed and performance.


Technology stack includes:

  • Python, PloneCMS and ZODB on server side;
  • Javascript, jQuery and Google Maps API on client side;
  • Nginx as a front-end server.


Client: Nicholle Tan (Spain)




Freshious came to us with quite broken Plone CMS website, dirty of too many unnecessary addons that even didn’t allow us to do further custom development.

So the first decision we made was to get rid of existing database and migrate it to brand new one. We did it successfully and within short timeframe using transmogrifier tools.

After this we were able to continuously provide more value to the project applying redesign, adding more features and finally understanding project needs in general.

After 6 months of cooperation together with Arend-Jan, Freshious manager, we successfully changed a focus of whole project to Workshop Catalog, which provides wide range of workshops in Netherlands. Thus new website version is not doing a lot of different things but is focused exclusively on selling valuable Workshops.

We completely redesigned homepage that made it clear to our new-comers that the website is about providing workshops in Netherlands. Also we developed airbnb-like search results page with dynamic filters to allow our users find required workshops effectively and fast.

At this moment Freshious founders are looking for best Product-Market fit. And we’re helping and advising them on further possible steps.

If go to technical side of the project, we used:

  • Product.remember to integrate user profiles as content objects;
  • for database migration, as already mentioned above, we used transmogrifier;
  • to allow webmaster add new boxed pages we used ContentWellPortlets Plone addon;
  • for tabs dropdown menus: webcouturier.dropdownmenu and collective.panels;
  • we also integrated user Favorites tools using collective.favoriting addon;
  • to add header images to folderish objects we installed and configured collective.contentleadimage;
  • to implement sophisticated airbnb-like workshop search form we used Products.AdvancedQuery extension to catalog.


Client: Arend-Jan Majoor (Freshious, Netherlands)


Spain islands travel guide and activities ticket seller.

iHoppers we migrated from Plone 3 to Plone 4. Adopted to mobile and tablet screens. Updated homepage and internal pages design to make it more user-friendly and lower visitors bounce rate. SoftFormance team optimized site search and navigation which made better focus on the main site goal: find and buy activity tickets.

Also we cleaned up Google Webmaster Tools from hundreds of crawling errors. Also we made site a bit faster to load. Finally we integrated existing activities booking service which made it possible to start selling the tickets.

At this moment we’re working on complete re-design that would introduce iHoppers as world-wide activities and adventure tickets provider. More on this soon on our portfolio page…

Client: Nicholle Tan (Spain)


Get My Hours

Get My Hours

Time tracking application. We developed it initially for our own team but later sold it to few existing clients.

This application allows tracking time locally on miscellaneous tasks and then log it to external systems, apps and services. When you log your time into external service you can pick existing task there or create a new one on the fly and log your time.

These are just a few drivers we developed:

Also GetMyHours Django application provides detailed monthly calendar reports about your logged hours from registered external services.


Some of above drivers and project components we published as OpenSource and you can find it in our account. This includes: basecamp.api and basecamp.karm packages.

VIEW SITE is a procurement platform for SMEs and privates in Switzerland. Whether you are looking for your business to a trustee or a coffee, or an alarm system for your home – they will help you quickly to get three offers from matching suppliers.

SoftFormance team joined this existing project and turned this ecommerce portal into full-featured online marketplace, where suppliers can login into their own cabinets, manage their shop and profile, and, eventually, sell their products on the site. We added new Suppliers Directory section to the site where end-users can find proper local Supplier.

Also, we helped make Gryps more user-friendly on mobile devices and tablets. Our team optimised forms and form wizards to make it use as easy as possible use, with just few mouse clicks.

Finally, our developers integrated blog section, improved administration functions and implemented proper search logic on the site.

Client: Gaby Stoheli, CEO, (Switzerland)


Prescient Digital Media

Prescient Digital Media

We built company website for Canadian digital agency. Prescient Digital Media is expert in creating word-class company intranets.

We used Plone 4 and (diazo) approach to apply custom theme. Also we used Panels addon in conjunction with Carousel to build header slideshow.

The main challenge of this project was to migrate old Plone 2.5 website to Plone 4 version. We built theme from scratch but we had to take care of all content. Set of custom addons made it even more complicated so some of them we had to adopt to Plone 4 version.

Our team provided full support from idea, design and finishing with final documentation and training sessions.

Client: Prescient Digital Media (Canada)