KTMDashboard – In Progress

KTMDashboard – In Progress

KTMDashboard is a control panel for getting products from hundreds of vendors, manage it and then push it to multiple marketplaces. Amazon, Houzz, Shopify, Sears and many more are to be supported by the platform.

Project is already working at production, but still in progress. So watch this space for more details soon…

Rehab Directory

Rehab Directory

Our existing client came to us with re-design existing online catalog of rehabs in US. Old one was contributed only by staff members and new one had to allow contributing rehabs by external users. So online catalog had to be turned into online marketplace where any rehab owner can submit own listings for some fee.

The main challenge of this project was in the fact that main website was built on top of Plone CMS. Plone CMS was good for content rich online media resource with multiple in-house writers and journalists. But it was not that good for online marketplace were multiple platform users would contribute own content.

So our team came up with new approach for this specific project:

  • we developed Rehabs Catalog site section using completely different technology stack (Python based web-framework – Django)
  • storing data in separate database
  • connecting users via OAuth login and LDAP directory
  • integrated Django section pages into main Plone CMS website using so called Server Side Includes (SSI)

Solution turned out to be really effective. We ended up with fast performing pages, and saved a lot of hours on re-using same design over new technology stack.


Key Technologies used:

  • Python and Django web framework
  • PostgreSQL databases
  • LDAP users directory
  • SSI (Server Side Includes)

Client: Martin Schoel (Germany)


Client Feedback:

SoftFormance is a team of outstanding python developers with great Python/Zope/Plone CMS skills… what really adds to their potential is their ability to work well with top-level assignments and come up with their own detailed solutions.

Martin Schoel
Founder and Managing Director, ChooseHelp



Solvenzio is online service in FinTech industry that allows it’s business customers to check if their end clients can actually pay them.

SaaS service provides two options to use it’s validation feature:

  • long-term annual subscription to monitor specific company
  • or using one-time payment validation request


SoftFormance team developed 2 different dashboards for Solvenzio Staff and for Solvenzio Customers. So that both sides can communicate, make orders and let staff support validation requests in timely and effective manner.

Our team successfully developed:

  • Customer Dashboard with Validation Request engine
  • Staff Dashboard to let serve Customers effectively
  • Live Chat app for both user roles
  • Payment gateway integration

Custom design and UI/UX part was done by our partnering design studio QubStudio.


Key Technologies used:

  • Python and Django web framework
  • Django Channels for online chat
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Celery for background tasks
  • React.js for front-end app

More Screenshots:

Client: Joerg Nitzsche  (Germany)