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ERP for Chemical Industry

Automate all your chemical manufacturing and lab trial processes with our ERP (enterprise software planning) software development services. Our custom-built ERP for chemical industry solutions will help your laboratory and chemicals manufacturing company save time and efficiently organize your processes.

Our Services

Here’s the list of services we provide to chemical custom synthesis companies, specialty producers and laboratories.

Electronic Lab Notebook Development

We help you develop and integrate a centralized and shareable Electronic Lab Notebook that will help you store and organize important records. For example, we can deliver a solution similar to PerkinElmer’s notebook.

Regulatory Compliance

Our ERP solutions will help you achieve compliance with MSDS, ISO9001, cGMP, OSHA & GHS, and other industry-specific regulations by providing you with compliance-tracking features and advanced management functionality.

Custom Synthesis Features

We implement features that help you generate the reaction method and Certificate of Analysis (COA) with a single click. Our team also provides formula adjustment features and formulations.

Inventory and Logistics Management

We build functionality for organizing production, traceability, and recording with bulk (batch) chemical planning and processing. Our team also implements features for managing supply and product distribution chains.

System Customization

If you have an existing chemical manufacturing ERP system, we will help you customize it in order to face new challenges or company-specific needs. Whether it goes about architecture upgrades or implementing new functionality, we are ready to assist.

System Interoperability

Chemical manufacturing ERP solutions will help you establish interoperability and reporting between a lab, a warehouse, a manufacturing site, and all other parts of your chemical production infrastructure.

Cost Accounting

With our solution, you will manage your costs more efficiently and will be aware of your expenses. We build functionality for accurate cost accounting per LOT, chemist and sales order

Benefits of ERP System
for the Chemical Industry

Our chemical ERP software solutions provide you with numerous advantages that allow you to focus on business development instead of spending hours streamlining daily routines.

Lab and Manufacturing Site Management

To handle all parts of your chemical manufacturing infrastructure properly, you need to have all the required functionality in one place. With its variety of interconnected lab management solutions, PerkinElmer is a perfect example. But you can do even better with a system adjusted to your specific needs and processes.

Improved Inventory Management

To organize lab trials and chemical manufacturing the right way, you need to know your assets. Our chemical industry ERP solutions help you keep track of reagents, their storage conditions, quantities, and transportation.

Enhanced Lab Trial Management

Digitization helps you take laboratory management to a new level. With our ERP for chemical manufacturing system, you will receive a digital notebook that will help you organize lab trials, production, and formula management. As a result, no important piece of information will be missed.

Regulation Compliance

Lab trials and chemical manufacturing are bonded by a great range of regulations, such as MSDS, ISO9001, cGMP, OSHA & GHS. An ERP system is what will help you keep track of all these regulations and comply with them.

Financial Projections

If you want to know what chemicals to produce by estimating the demand and getting financial projections, ERP for chemical manufacturers is a great choice. We can provide you with analytical features that will help you come up with all the required estimates or even research the experience of other chemical manufacturers that are your competitors.

Enhanced Analytics and Auditing

Get basic reports on your activities and analytical projection for both lab processes and business questions. Additionally, chemical industry ERP systems help you efficiently manage certificates, such as Certificate of Analysis.

The Main Advantages of Custom ERP Software Development over Off-the-shelf Solutions

We can customize the existing ERP software solution according to your needs. But we also advocate for developing custom solutions from scratch. There are numerous valuable benefits to choosing this way.

Agile development

You Get Only the Features You Need

For example, if you run a laboratory and don’t run a manufacturing site, you don’t need to pay for manufacturing management functionality. You may get additional lab trial management features instead.

Agile development

You Customize your System much Faster

Customization of an existing ERP chemical software to fit your specific needs may be a very challenging and costly task. These things go much faster and easier with your custom solution written from scratch.

Agile development

You Control Security and Regulation Compliance

There’s no need to delegate your security tasks to off-the-shelf software providers. Instead, you determine security concerns and regulations that apply to you and gain full control over your application’s security.

Agile development

More Cost-Effective

When you get an off-the-shelf ERP solution for the chemical industry you often should spend a solid amount of money at once and pay for the features and functionality you don’t need. Customization may also cost you a fortune. The development from scratch will cost you roughly the same or even lower because you’ll focus on a smaller subset of features that you really need.

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We are a company with exceptional expertise in developing chemical ERP systems. Our team applies a great range of custom practices and the most promising technologies to bring our customers the chemical industry solutions that they need.

Our 4 Values


Our clients hang out with us in the same Project Management system as our team members.


If you want to delegate all tasks to the software development team and get the final result before the deadline, we're the right partner for you.

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We always try to over-deliver and provide the required results in the shortest possible terms.


We're agile, so we are ready to adapt to your requirements that may change "on the run."

Our ERP Development Process

Here’s our step-by-step approach to building ERP software for chemical companies.


Discovery Phase

Here we map out your company's existing business processes, your approach to lab trials, your certifications, the state of your data, and how you manage it and put together a detailed implementation plan.


Compound Search Engine

Here we analyze and pick the proper engine for searching chemical compounds by sub-structure. Our specialists thoroughly review your compound database, size, and the complex of searches you’re running to come up with the best solution.


ERP Development and Customization

This stage involves active development and customization of your ERP software for chemical industry. We also run QA testing to make sure that all parts of your app work properly.


ERP Launch

We deploy the product on the production servers and help your employees learn how to use it properly during a two-week trial period.


Data Migration

We migrate the existing data, such as sales orders, compounds, formulas, quality control spectra files, lab notes, etc., to the new system. We want to keep 10-20 years of your company's historical data. This is pure gold for us for actionable top-manager reports.

Quality Assurance

Agile development
Here’s one more important thing about chemical industry ERP software that shouldn’t be missed. As the industry is governed by a great number of regulations, such as MSDS, ISO9001, cGMP, OSHA & GHS, the cost of any mistake may be extremely high. That’s why the chemical industry ERP software we provide helps you handle the most important quality assurance stages. These include:

  • Raw material testing, which ensures that you find and buy only high-quality reagents.
  • Synthesis testing, which helps you understand how your reagents work together.
  • Chemical reaction product testing, which ensures the high quality of formulas before chemical manufacturers start the manufacturing stage.
  • Pre-sales testing, which helps you review the quality of your product before selling it.

As a result, all these testing types help you prove the quality of your chemical products and, thus, generate a proper Certificate of Analysis.

The Technologies We Work With











Django ERP





Our Chemical ERP Development Cases

local power


ERP platform for accounting and management of a chemical company
Location: GermanyTechnologies: Python, Django, RDKit, ReactJS
It is a great example of ERP software for specialty chemicals manufacturers with an RDKit engine that helps users run searches for various reactions, reagents, formulas, and other information on chemicals. The platform instantly provides its users with accurate search results and offers them with an excellent lab journal. As a result, it helps a chemical business automate its processes and manage data more efficiently.
kidi board

Cerium Labs

Complex laboratory management system
Location: US, TexasTechnologies: Python, Zope, Plone CMS
We created a laboratory management platform (LIMS) that allows its users to streamline daily lab processes and samples. This product helps lab managers assign and monitor jobs. It also provides advanced functionality for storing and searching for lab samples and lab test results.


Software for connecting labs and hospitals
Location: AustraliaTechnologies: Python, Django, React.js
Our team helped the customer plan their redesign initiative for a bundle of apps for connecting laboratories and hospitals. Web and mobile apps will allow hospital staff to send specimens and request new tests to the labs without losing any data or breaking the specimen. The mobile app will allow couriers to easily scan and track specimens collected from hospitals and bring them securely to the labs.

What Do Our Customers Say

“It has been incredibly easy to integrate the tools they’ve developed for us into our business.”

Jack DeGesero

Co-Founder Guru Digital

"The communication is quick and simple, and their knowledge is solid."

Ralf Sonderegger

IT Admin GRYPS Offertenportal AG

“I’ve never really had an experience with them where they couldn't deliver.”

Martin Schoel

Founder Help Service

Our Team

local power
SoftFormance is a software development company with exceptional expertise in providing ERP software development services for the chemical industry. We grew from just two developers in 2011 to 30+ in 2022. Our team of developers is proficient in multiple technologies and can develop any type of software solution for your chemical industry business. Our hiring process is incredibly rigorous, which means that we employ only top talent. Some candidates undergo more than 16 hours of interviews.


1. How much does it cost to develop an ERP system for the chemical industry?

If you’re in for an off-the-shelf solution, mind that the license for Microsoft Dynamics or a similar platform will cost you more than $250.000. The license and the support will cost you around 20% of the initial price per year. Also, be ready to spend anything from $250.000 on platform customization. Meanwhile, custom platform development from scratch will cost you $250.000 and more.

2. How long does it take to develop an ERP system for chemical production?

If we are talking about developing a chemical ERP system from scratch, you may expect the project to last 9 months or slightly more.

3. Why is it better to develop a custom ERP system for the chemical industry?

The main benefits of such an approach are simpler customizability, business-specific focus, full control over security and regulation compliance, and, possibly, the same or even lower expenses than with an off-the-shelf solution, but extended over time.

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Sales Partner, SoftFormance

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