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Content Management System (CMS) for Business

Want to make your website more agile and scalable? SoftFormance will help you integrate, customize or build a content management system from scratch. Get a superb tool to handle your web content efficiently!

What is a
CMS in Web Development, and Why Do You Need One?

A CMS or content management system allows you to easily create, edit, and publish content on your website. In other words, if you invest in CMS development, you won’t have to code to publish blog posts or add a new page. Thus, you can update your website instantly without requesting help from an admin or web developer.


With a content management system from SoftFormance, you get:

Intuitive content navigation with streamlined menus

Powerful sorting and searching instruments

Ability to add online forms and other features

Ability to upload any type of media: images, videos, documents

Multi-channel distribution with one platform to save your time and effort

SEO toolkit to optimize your site for Google and other web search engines

Effective tools for content editing

Website content backups and version control

Scheduling capabilities for content publishing

Excellent collaboration capabilities with options to define user roles and permissions

Smooth integrations with popular analytics tools to measure your KPIs easily

Functionality to stage and preview website content changes before rolling them out

Regular security updates for enhanced safety

Development Services

Agile development

Custom CMS development

We can build a CMS system from scratch, tailoring this solution to your particular requirements. For example, we’ve developed such a tool for Life Chemicals, a platform for early drug discovery. Our custom CMS web development services include:

  • Content management needs analysis
  • Optimal CMS feature set definition
  • Tech stack selection
  • Architecture, UX, and UI design
  • Content management system development
  • Quality assurance, including manual and automated testing
  • Staff training
  • Support and maintenance
Agile development

Platform-based CMS development

We can customize an existing CMS platform to fit your needs as best as possible. For instance, we tailored and integrated Django CMS, Wagtail CMS, and Plone CMS. The key steps of this process are:

  • CMS platform selection according to your content management requirements
  • Implementation methodology selection
  • CMS customization and configuration
  • Integrations’ implementation
  • Quality assurance, including manual and automated testing
  • Staff training
  • Support and maintenance
Agile development

CMS Module Development

We can enhance the functionality of your content management systems by creating specific modules. In this case, we provide:

  • Technical requirements definition depending on your web content management needs
  • CMS modules’ architecture, UX, and UI design
  • Module development and integration with other systems
  • Quality assurance, including manual and automated testing

How Do We Develop a CMS?

We’ve refined our process of software engineering for more than a decade. Here are the key stages of our CMS development process.


Understanding your needs and goals

Firstly, we want to get a full picture of the client’s web content management needs. We consider their ideas and assess their technical viability. After that, we provide a project cost estimate.


Designing roadmap

Once we have exact software requirements, we define the scope for the future product. Our specialists create screen mockups, select the technical stack, and come up with a detailed project plan.



During the development stage, we keep the client informed via status updates, demo sessions, etc. Moreover, we strive to keep our services as flexible as possible. In some cases, our team can adjust its course in the middle of the project.


Support and maintenance

We always remain at our client’s side to deal with any issues. Moreover, if the need arises, we can design and develop new features for your CMS.



We set up all necessary integrations, backups, and dependencies. Also, collect early feedback from the users to improve the content management system if necessary.

Why Choose Our CMS Web Development Services?

The work of our CMS web development company is guided by several key principals, which set us apart.

Client-centric approach

We want our clients to be satisfied. Therefore, our team pays attention not only to the quality of our services but also to efficient communication. We believe that being on the same page is of crucial importance for the success of our cooperation.

Problem-solving products

We perceive software development as the process of finding a way to deal with some issues. Our specialists are problem solvers who help other problem-solvers, our clients. We try unorthodox approaches to provide you with unique solutions.

Result-focused team

Our engineers love coding. However, they don’t let this passion blind them to the importance of producing business results. They will help you to build an efficient content management system in the most efficient way.

Methodical delivery

We appreciate creative ideas, but it is a persistent, step-by-step realization that brings them to life. You can rely on our experts working meticulously to produce a high-quality CMS on time and within budget.

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Who Are We?

3 Millions

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our team
Our focus is the web and mobile applications for small businesses. We tailor them to satisfy clients’ business needs, making entrepreneurs more efficient. Moreover, we help them to build new products, generating extra revenue streams. Our mission is to help build and grow 1,000+ successful SaaS startups.
SoftFormance covers each step of the SaaS startup software development process, from validating your ideas and supporting and maintaining a product. We take responsibility for both the technical and business outcomes of our projects.

Our Clients

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Our CMS Development Projects

local power

Life Chemicals

Life Chemicals is a Software for accounting and management of cemic company.
Location: USTechnologies: Python/Django, RDKit and ReactJSPlatform: Web
Life Chemicals is a provider of custom synthesis and computational chemistry services for pharmaceutical, agrochemical companies, biotech, and academic institutions. Our CMS web development company has built a custom content management system for their website. The online shop we created is much faster than the previous version with the chemical molecule search.
Read more
kidi board


VNCportal is a loud distributed solution for businesses.
Location: GermanyTechnologies: Python, Zope, PloneCMS and Backbone.jsPlatform: Web, Mobile
We’ve developed VNCportal for Virtual Network Consult (VNC), a Germany-based business cloud integrator company. This CMS became a hub for VNC services, allowing businesses to create, share and discuss information and ideas. Our team has used Plone CMS as the cornerstone customizing it by integrating such open source services as Zimbra Email, Redmine Project Management System, OpenERP CRM, Etherpad tool, etc.
Read more


LocalPower is a CRM for solar panel agencies
Location: Switzerland, ZurichTechnologies: Python and Django frameworkPlatform: Web, Mobile
On the platform, Swiss businesses can find and buy products and services from each other in a matter of hours. Our team redesigned front-end and backend for the whole system. Together with our client, we improved conversion from free to paid users of the system. The technology stack used on the project: Python and Django web framework.
Read more

What Our Client Say about Us

“SoftFormance understood goals quickly and managed the project well. In the last year, traffic more than doubled and the site garnered new leads. They suggested improvements of internal processes, were generous with their knowledge, and their communication was reliable and straightforward.”

Ralf Sonderegger

IT Admin at GRYPS Offertenportal AG

"SoftFormance completed the three major milestones and the client was able to get more than 1,500 pre-registered users for the MVP's launch. They provided a project tracking platform for progress monitoring. With their business and technical experience, the team offered solutions that were impactful."

Mark Peterson

Founder & CEO at Ziscuit

“SoftFormance has completed three projects for the client, including calendar and Facebook advertising tools. The Facebook tool has helped them reduce their CPA by 23%, and the calendar app has brought their overbooked appointments down from 8% to 1%. They are very organized and communicative.”

Jack DeGesero

Co-Founder at Guru Digital

Our Team

local power

SoftFormance started more than 10 years ago with two engineers. Now the size of our team exceeds 30 specialists. Our developers are familiar with various technologies, including some niche and state-of-the-art instruments. A rigorous recruitment process ensures the quality of our employees. Some candidates go through more than 16 hours of interviews.


1. What business objectives does a CMS cover?

A content management system has various business goals. Here are the key ones:
• Boost the website’s flexibility and scalability by allowing it quickly embrace new products or services
• Support marketing and sales efforts by facilitating the necessary information delivery
• Streamline information updates
• Lower site maintenance costs by making this process less labor-intensive
• Reduce legal exposure by providing greater control over information on the website

2. What technologies should my CMS integrate with?

The answer depends on what other software systems you use. If you already have an ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), or web analytics program, you have to make sure your CMS will fit in the existing ecosystem. Build a custom CMS with SoftFormance, and we will have all the necessary integrations covered!

3. How easy does creating and editing content become with a CMS?

WYSIWYG (“What You See is What You Get”) editor, which is present in many CMS platforms, allows you to see changes you make instantly. A high-quality solution allows easy creation and publishing of various types of content — from landing pages with embedded resources to blog posts with customizable layouts. With our CMS web development services, you will get just the content editing functionality you need.

4. Can a CMS be used for my website?

Yes. Whatever site you have, our team will find the most suitable CMS platform or build a solution ground up to suit your needs perfectly.

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CEO, SoftFormance

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