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Data Science Consulting Services

Would you like to turn customer data into a gold mine for your business? Or upgrade the way you handle the information to boost your efficiency? With data science consulting from Softformance, you will get expert advice on how to use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data analytics to achieve your business objectives.

Why Do You Need Data Science Services?

Agile development

Foster Data-driven Decisions

A reliable data science consulting company assists you in mining, managing, and visualizing data. Thus, your business decisions will have solid ground.

Agile development

Boost the Efficiency of Internal Processes

Spare valuable human resources. How? Automate routine tasks with the help of smart algorithms. Aside from the increase in productivity, you will also get higher employee satisfaction.

Agile development

Understand the Market and Your Customers Better

Data science consulting can help you to draw detailed profiles of your customers and offer them the most relevant products. Moreover, the enhanced market data analytics may reveal the emerging market trends you should pay attention to.

Agile development

Personalize Customer Experience

Use external data science expertise to transform the flow of data from your customers into individualized experiences.

Industries We Provide Data Science Consulting Services For

Digital Marketing

Use data science to enhance your marketing capabilities! For example, we helped to build Opesta, a marketing automation SaaS app for Facebook messenger, using Dialogflow to provide AI-powered responses to subscribers’ questions.


Leverage modern technologies with our help and boost the personalization of your services. In particular, our clients can use image analysis to conduct patient surveys swiftly and efficiently (EmpireHWC). Also, we helped to build a dashboard for health issues predictions based on the human genome (Myome). Other projects included analytics tools for the remote COVID toolkit delivery service (Kleva Health) and chemical formula research (LifeChemicals).


We can help you to create perfect offers for your customers with the help of data science. Our team built an app for the Ziscuit grocery store, providing users with the most cost-efficient purchase suggestions.


With our data science services company, you can employ personalized learning features in your e-learning products. For instance, for the ToDoo.Digital project, we’ve developed a student dashboard creating a custom learning methodology for each student.

Business Services

Enhance the efficiency of your business consulting and intelligence services! For instance, we’ve designed a system providing actionable insights for wholesalers based on sales history analysis (RevenueCompass).

Cleaning Services

We can help large companies to manage their inventory more efficiently. For instance, our team created a web portal that allows the Wetrok cleaning company to track and manage its fleet of cleaning machines. It provides live GEO updates, detailed actions, and a history log for each machine.

Waste Recycling

Use our expertise to give your internal processes a speed boost. For instance, we have helped PinWaste, a large recycling automation company, to retrieve valuable information from the invoices much quicker with the help of our invoice parsing platform.

Green energy

Consult our team on how to use data science to improve the efficiency of your sales process. For example, we have armed LocalPower, CRM for solar panel agencies, with a Roof Design Tool. It helps sales professionals to calculate the best placement of panels on top of the building for their offers.

Which Areas Do Our Data Science Services Cover?

AI Chatbots

Boost the efficiency of your customer interactions using Artificial Intelligence.

Custom Dashboards

Transform tons of data into actionable insights and represent them vividly on a dashboard tailored to your needs.

Custom Report Generation

Our data science services company will help pack your analytics into the most convenient format with no sweat.

Custom Data Analytics Tools

Get valuable insights instantly utilizing massive datasets accumulated from various sources. Use data science to provide personalized offers for your customers, winning their loyalty.

Image Analysis and Text Recognition

Save thousands of hours by using tools to digitize and swiftly process data from paper documents.

Maps with live GEO updates

Manage your fleet of vehicles or inventory by channeling data from an IoT system into a map.

Our Data Science Tech Stack

For more than a decade in software development, we’ve mastered a variety of tools, including those we needed as a data science services company. Moreover, we never stop to learn and are ready to master and employ a new tech if the project requires it. Here are some of the tools we have already used in our data science projects.













Our Success Stories

local power


LocalPower is a CRM for solar panel agencies
Location: US, TexasTechnologies: Python/Django and ReactJSPlatform: Web, Mobile
We created it for our client from Texas. Ryan uses this software within his company, and now we are preparing it as a SaaS to sell it to other similar solar panel companies in the US. Project is built with Python/Django and ReactJS stack. The most challenging part of it was to build the Roof Design Tool that is being used as an accurate proposal tool in the sales process.
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kidi board


KidiBoard is a social media network for parents
Location: US, New JerseyTechnologies: Python/Django and ReactJSPlatform: Web, Mobile
It is an inspiring startup founded by 5 parents from the US that allows parents easily find trusted providers, courses, and activities for their kids. On the platform, parents can easily organize their kid’s days and stay on top of the whole family schedule. Our team built this platform using Python/Django and ReactJS stack. Core functions of the platform are news feed, online community chat, parents’ logistics calendar, and providers marketplace.
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Gryps is a Swiss-based online B2B marketplace
Location: Switzerland, ZurichTechnologies: Python and Django frameworkPlatform: Web, Mobile
On the platform, Swiss businesses can find and buy products and services from each other in a matter of hours. Our team redesigned front-end and backend for the whole system. Together with our client, we improved conversion from free to paid users of the system. The technology stack used on the project: Python and Django web framework.
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Our Clients

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Our Team

local power
Our company has completed various projects dealing with data collection, transformation, and analysis. Use our experience and expertise to smooth out your data science journey! We are experts in data science, and consulting you will be our pleasure. Start by contacting us and booking a free consultation.



1. Can data science boost your conversion rates and business profits?

Yes, it can! Data science technologies have several benefits for businesses. In particular, they help to provide personalized user experiences, including recommendations for new purchases and supplementary products or services. AI chatbots can provide instant and relevant responses to customers. Those and other smart solutions help turn visitors into customers and boost customer retention. In the long run, the profits go up.

2. How long does it take to build a high-quality data science solution?

The answer largely depends on the scale and complexity of your solution. From our experience, a data science project will take at least three months. Contact us if you want a more precise estimate, and we will assess your business needs and ideas.

3. Why choose Softformance as your data science company?

The Google search query “consulting company data science” will yield you plenty of options. So, why choose us? These four principles we follow in our work set us apart:

• Client satisfaction is our focus. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of work but maintaining efficient communication is our key objective. Thus, we remain on the same page with our clients.
• Software solutions should solve real problems. All members of our team and our company as a whole are problem solvers. We think out of the box to provide a unique approach.
• The result is the king. We always keep the end goal in mind. Our workflow is clear, and milestones are set to measure the progress.
• Perseverance is important. We value the discipline required to show up and produce results daily – this is how big goals are achieved.

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Sales Partner, SoftFormance

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