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Digital Laboratory Transformation Services

SoftFormance is dedicated to helping laboratories, CROs, and R&Ds embrace the power of digital transformation and maximize their potential. From implementing an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) to building Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), we have digital solutions that will take your laboratory workflows to the next level.

Enhancing Labs with Digitalization

These are the benefits that your laboratory can get if you embrace lab digital transformation.

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Improved Inventory Management

Digital solutions, such as chemical ERP systems help laboratories manage their supplies and consumables, as well as monitor bulk and warehouse storage conditions more efficiently. Once there’s a shortage of specific reaction ingredients, equipment breakdown, or issues with storage conditions, SmartAlert notifies the responsible employees capable of solving this problem.

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Recording for All Lab Processes

A digital laboratory journal, such as the one created by PerkinElmer, is a perfect solution for storing data on formulas, reaction methods, lab trial conditions, quality assurance results, Certificates of Analysis, and any lab notes. A highly available, flexible, and shared Electronic Lab Notebook will help the lab team coordinate their effort while working on custom synthesis.

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Quality Assurance Automation

Quality Assurance is vital for approving formulas and laboratory reaction methods. LIMS solutions help laboratories automate raw material testing, synthesis testing, chemical reaction product testing, and pre-release/sales testing. All data is recorded and the laboratory can generate and print a Certificate of Analysis in the shortest terms.

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Enhanced Security and Compliance

LIMS solutions help lab managers control all processes by providing them with access to all data on lab processes. This helps managers ensure that all labs are working without employee safety violations and that their custom syntheses are developed in compliance with industry regulations, such as MSDS, ISO9001, and cGMP.

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Automated Documentation Management

LIMS and other laboratory digitization solutions impact custom synthesis and specialty chemical companies by automating their documentation-related practices. Whether it goes about managing inventory documentation, generating barcodes, or obtaining certificates of analysis, LIMS solutions will save a lot of time and effort.

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Simple Reporting and Analytics

LIMS solutions often include analytical functionality that allows lab employees to analyze the efficiency of their work. For example, they can get relevant statistics on the success rate of their lab trials. This functionality also helps them generate reports that can be used for obtaining Certificates of Analysis or auditing their chemistry processes.

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Fast Information Searches

Our laboratory digitization solutions include the integration of a compound search engine that will help you identify crucial information or reaction ingredients in the shortest terms. You can easily find chemical compounds by their sub-structure by researching your own database or getting access to open databases that host all the required information.

Digital Transformation Solutions We Provide

These are some variants of digital transformation solutions that we can build for your custom synthesis laboratory.

Research, Discovery and Advisory

Our specialists research your processes and communicate with your team in order to understand your needs. On the basis of this research we provide advice on whether you should implement the existing laboratory management solution or build lab software from scratch.

Redesign of the existing LIMS and ELN

If you are already using LIMS and ELN solutions but want them to bring you more value, SoftFormance is ready to help. We will thoroughly research your needs and provide upgrades or complete software redesign that will fit your business goals.

Data Migration and Synchronization

We help you achieve interoperability between lab software solutions so that all your data on compounds, reaction methods, and formulas will be stored in a unified format. We also help you manage data more efficiently by migrating it to Chemaxon or RDkit.

ERP System Development

We build flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that help you manage your active ingredients, lot-related production components, co-products, by-products, recyclable products, and mission-critical equipment more efficiently.

LIMS Development

We will help you build an efficient laboratory information management system (LIMS) so that you will store all your information in one place, get efficient analytics and visualizations, ensure automated auditing, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Electronic Lab Notebook Development

If you need a digital journal to store information on reaction methods, formulas, process manufacturing methods, etc., SoftFormance is ready to help. We will develop a custom Electronic Lab Notebook similar to Perkin Elmer’s solution.

Internet of Lab Things Software Development

SoftFormance is ready to help you build a solution that runs on multiple devices and connects them into a single Internet of Lab Things (IoLT) system that records, stores, and exchanges mission-critical data on your lab trials.

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Sales Partner, SoftFormance

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Benefits of Digital Laboratory Transformation with SoftFormance

Here are several reasons you should choose our company for your project.

Client Focus

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We pay much attention to the quality of our code, staying within budget and meeting deadlines. However, maintaining efficient communication with the client is our primary objective.

Systematic Approach to Development

We focus on long-term projects which may last, on average five-seven years. We value creativity but employ it wisely. Our Python app development company values the discipline required to proceed step by step and deliver results regularly.

Result-oriented Team

Much as we love programming, we don’t let ourselves lose track of the end goal. The team keeps the workflow organized with clear deadlines and milestones to mark a project’s progress.

Problem-Solving Software

Creating software involves finding new ways to solve existing problems. Our employees and our company as a whole are problem solvers. We come up with fresh ideas and tools.

Digitization of Laboratories for Different Industries

We at SoftFormance serve laboratories operating in different industries.

Custom Synthesis Industry

Our team helps custom synthesis companies ensure great efficiency in their specialty chemicals’ lab trials. With our Electronic Lab Notebooks and LIMS, you will be sure that no piece of crucial data on custom syntheses shall be missed.

Healthcare Industry

Lab trials play a vital role in the healthcare industry, which is governed by a great range of regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR. To run these trials properly and to keep all the related data in one place while maintaining excellent security, you need LIMS or ELN.

Pharmaceutical Industry

An Agilent survey says that 83% of pharma lab leaders want to optimize their current workflows. In addition, the industry is governed by many regulations, such as the FDA. This means that storing and efficiently exchanging all lab trial and process manufacturing data is vital.

Food and Beverage Industry

Governed by FDA and MHRA, the food and beverage industry demands much attention to the quality of products. That’s why digitized laboratories become a one-stop solution for tracking regulation compliance, proving product quality, and auditing.

Scientific Research Industry

If you want to ensure transparency and comply with FAIR principles in your science trials, digital lab transformations is a solution. LIMS, ERP, and ELN software will help your scientific institution or contract research organization automate all processes and store the data securely.

Household Industry

Lab testing helps businesses to ensure that none of the cleaning solvents and household substances is harmful to the consumers. With accurate data processing, analytics, and other LIMS features, testing becomes much more efficient.

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Vitaliy Podoba

CEO, SoftFormance

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Our Digital Laboratory Transformation Process

These are the steps that we take to help you embrace the benefits of lab digital transformation.


Defining the Digitization Project Scope

At this stage, we communicate with the main stakeholders (lab personnel, your IT specialists) to define your broad needs and define the scope of processes that should be covered.


Process Mapping

We analyze your workflows and define the main features of your process chemistry to understand your main goals better.


Gap Analysis

Our specialists find out the main gaps in your workflows, such as issues with bulk storage management, lack of data transparency, or non-automated documentation management. er the main fintech development regulations.


Review of Existing Solutions in the Market

We propose the best off-the-shelf solutions in the market to help you achieve your goals. If you need something more specific, we propose custom software development ideas.


Building Your Digital Culture

We train your employees and build a digital culture where any employee of your specialty chemicals company or industry-specific lab knows how to leverage digital solutions.


Monitoring Process

We configure system monitoring so that you get full control over your business KPIs. This also gives you full control over your system’s security and helps you comply with various regulations.


Regulation Analysis

The SoftFormance team defines how chemical industry regulations, such as MSDS, ISO9001, cGMP, OSHA & GHS apply to your laboratory and affect its digitization strategy.


Digitization Strategy and Implementation Plan

Our team defines how the proposed innovations can positively impact your processes and come up with a plan that will help you take full advantage of digital transformation lab software.


Implement Digitization Solution

SoftFormance specialists follow the plan to provide you with a solution that will be accepted by your employees and take your process chemistry to a next level.


Continuous Improvement

Whether you need to add features to your software or completely change solutions for digital transformation labs in the future, we are ready to assist.

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We are a software development company with a special focus on lab digitization. Digitizing chemical lab trials is one of our top-priority directions, so we certainly know how to deliver ERP, LIMS, or ELN solutions that fulfill all your needs.

Our Chemical ERP Development Cases

local power


ERP platform for accounting and management of a chemical company
Location: GermanyTechnologies: Python, Django, RDKit, ReactJS
It is an ERP system with an RDKit engine that helps users run searches for various reactions, reagents, formulas, and other information on chemicals. The platform instantly provides its users with accurate search results and offers them with an excellent lab journal. As a result, it helps a chemical business automate its processes and manage data more efficiently.
kidi board

Cerium Labs

Complex laboratory management system
Location: US, TexasTechnologies: Python, Zope, Plone CMS
We created a laboratory management platform (LIMS) that allows its users to streamline daily lab processes and samples. This product helps lab managers assign and monitor jobs. It also provides advanced functionality for storing and searching for lab samples and lab test results.


Software for connecting labs and hospitals
Location: AustraliaTechnologies: Python, Django, React.js
Our team helped the customer plan their redesign initiative for a bundle of apps for connecting laboratories and hospitals. Web and mobile apps will allow hospital staff to send specimens and request new tests to the labs without losing any data or breaking the specimen. The mobile app will allow couriers to easily scan and track specimens collected from hospitals and bring them securely to the labs.

Our Pricing Models and Costs

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Time and Material

If you choose this pricing model, you will pay for the time and effort spent by our specialists while helping you achieve your goals. The time and material model is a perfect fit for minor tasks and short-term projects.

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Fixed Price

If we go with a fixed price model, you pay a fixed fee for a result that you get. This model perfectly fits custom development projects where you expect to get a complete solution that fits your needs.

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License Cost

There may be additional spending for licenses and paid software that we will implement or integrate to help your laboratory achieve digital transformation.

Our Team

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SoftFormance is a software development company renowned for delivering top-notch digital lab transformation services to custom synthesis and other chemical industry companies. Since our inception with only two developers in 2011, we have grown to a team of 30+ skilled professionals by 2022, proficient in various technologies, and capable of developing software solutions for any chemical industry business. Our hiring process is highly rigorous, ensuring that we recruit only the best talent in the industry. Some of our candidates undergo a rigorous 16-hour interview process to guarantee excellence.



1. What are digital transformation services?

Digital transformation may involve many services aimed at digitizing and automating lab processes. These include, research, discovery, and digitization advisory, custom ELN, LIMS, and ERP development, redesign of the existing digital solutions, system synchronization and migration.

2. What is a digitally-transformed lab?

A digitally-transformed lab is a laboratory where all processes are automated and supported with digital solutions. Whether it goes about bulk process management, storing custom synthesis notes, or managing process chemistry, there’s constant support from software solutions.

3. How long does it take to digitize the lab?

Depending on your needs, the lab digitization process will take from 2 months (minor system configuration and optimization) to 2 years (full-scale custom development of a digital lab system).

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Kate Pakhomova

Sales Partner, SoftFormance

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