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IT Consulting Company

Do you have issues with tuning up your small business to reach its maximum efficiency? Probably, you want to get a tried and trusted software solution that will help you save time, increase cost efficiency, and avoid human mistakes? If you’re in for taking your business to a new level through digitization, you’re in the right place. Rely on our IT consulting services to develop perfect IT solutions that will help your business succeed.

Why Do You Need IT Consulting Services

There’s an endless chest of reasons to request professional IT consulting services.

After 10+ years in the industry and more than 200 successfully completed projects, we at SoftFormance recommend you focus on the following ones:

Facilitate your digital transformation

Find the fastest way to implement your idea

Get ideas on how IT technologies can help you cope with the most significant IT challenges

Understand the most cost-efficient way to digitize your business

Understand how you can streamline your business processes with digital solutions

What Tech Consulting Services Do We Provide?

We at SoftFormance have rich experience in providing various tech consulting services, ranging from idea advisory to in-depth tech consulting.

Startup strategy and advisory

SaaS IT advisory services

Digital transformation consulting

Market opportunities’ consulting

Agile IT consulting solutions

Lean startup advisory

IoT consulting

Cloud strategy & advisory

We will help you generate your idea and build a clear roadmap and a digital strategy for its implementation

Get to know about the advantages of SaaS software architecture and understand how it can fit your plans.

We will help your business digitize by implementing software ideas that will automate your daily processes.

Get help with market analysis and recognize the best opportunities for your software idea.

We are keen on the Agile software development methodology, and we will help you take full advantage of this approach.

Lean startup approach is what helps you build a clear vision of your dream product and its development strategy. And we are the ones to guide you.

Take your value proposition to a new level with IoT solutions. We will help you understand the main challenges and the ways to overcome them.

Cloud technologies bring many benefits, such as excellent scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency. We will make sure that you miss none of these advantages.

Up to 90% of software projects fail in scope, time, or costs. Save your money, time, and nerves with our software consulting services!

Our Sector Expertise

Here are information technology consulting areas in which we are exceptionally experienced.

Startup idea generation

We had so many startup workshops that counting their number is really challenging. No wonder we come up with suggestions for the most ambitious and even bizarre software founder ideas.

SaaS software development

SaaS architecture brings software founders countless benefits. And we certainly know what these benefits are and how our clients can leverage them.

Full-cycle web app development

We take our client's idea through all stages of the web development process, from idea generation to post-release support and logistics. .

Digital transformation

Our team certainly knows how to help the clients embrace digitization and get software solutions that solve their business process pains.

Mobile app development

With solid mobile app development expertise, we certainly know how to shape our clients' ideas and provide them with a clear vision of iOS and Android apps.

AI / ML software development

We have mastered Python/Django, which is a perfect combination for data analytics and AI software development. And, indeed, we are ready to share our knowledge with clients.

Workforce development

With our IT advisory services, we ensure that your team keeps pace with the changing technology. We will help you understand how to grow your talents and maximize the efficiency of your team.

Cloud technologies

We have rich experience with the world's leading cloud platforms. We certainly know how to employ these technologies and ensure you collect all benefits of cloud computing.

IoT solutions

Integrating various devices with software may be a big challenge. But we certainly know how to handle it. We have solid experience in IoT development and integration.

Our Approach

We utilize a 7-step product development approach. It involves the following stages:

  1. Idea Generation
  2. Product Strategy
  3. Project Roadmap
  4. Design
  5. MVP Build
  6. MVP Launch
  7. Post-release Support and Logistics

And do you know what really matters? We provide technology consulting services for all these stages. 

Our Industries

The list of industries where we provide tech consulting on information systems includes but is not limited to:


  • Digital Marketing (MarTech SaaS Products)
  • Sales (CRM platforms)
  • HealthCare (client-facing clinic apps)
  • Ecommerce (online marketplaces)
  • Business Services (process automation for business consultants)
Lean Development

Our Benefits

If you rely on us as your dream IT consulting agency, you get the following benefits:


We keep no secrets from our clients. Therefore, transparency becomes one of our core values.

High Performance

We like to over-deliver while providing our services. And we don't make any exceptions for our tech consulting offers.


Responsibility brings reliability. And being a reliable IT consulting agency for our clients is our core value.


Things rapidly change in the software development domain. Fortunately, we know how to adapt to the changing conditions and needs of our clients.

Risk and Security Focus

We grant you full confidentiality. And, yes, our information technology consulting services include help with risk management and security concerns.


With over 200 successfully completed projects, we certainly know how things should be done in the industry.

Our Industry Expertise

Speaking of expertise, we have 10+ years of experience and 200+ successfully completed projects.


Our portfolio involves many cases in which we consulted our clients and continued our cooperation to make their ideas a reality. Here are some examples that we’re proud of. 

Meet Our Clients

Here are just a few success stories that illustrate our tech consulting dedication.

Guru Digital


“They’ve been great partners, so we keep throwing them more work. The execution of each project and how they’re able to achieve what we need is excellent.” 

Jack DeGesero, Co-founder Guru Digital. 


An advertising company asked us to help them automate their work routines. We helped them come up with an idea of an SDK that would automate numerous processes. The customer continued their cooperation with SoftFormance, and we provided them with numerous tools that help them digitize their business and save hundreds of hours per month.


Byteful GMBH






“My clients are very happy, and they like that their app is on the cutting edge of current technology.” 

Vladimir Kuzma, CEO Byteful GMBH

We helped the customer from the cleaning industry shape their idea of an IoT web application to monitor their fleet of cleaning machines. We provided consulting services to see the technical side of the project. When their idea became crystal clear, we continued our cooperation to develop an IoT system for fast and secure data transfers.





“Their IT solutions were remarkable. There were several times when I’d set up a task which I thought would take more than a few hours, but they were able to solve it quite quickly and do it with little effort.”

Wolfgang Mannel, Founder Fotografen.365

The client had an idea for a web platform that would unite the features of social media for photographers and a photo stock website. We helped them understand the technical side of the project and shape the idea. Satisfied with our effort, the customer asked us to continue our work on the practical implementation of the project.

Meet Our Team Members

   Vitaliy Podoba

Founder, CEO

 Oleg Cherniavskyi


   Taras Melnychuk


    Andrew Halan


   Dmytro Litvinov


     Volodymyr Kraeivskyi


 Anastasia Maslyuk

Project Manager

  Nadia Lenartovych


    Serhiy Valchuk



What are technology consulting services?

Information technology consulting involves a broad range of services. Ranging from the software idea generation process up to a detailed technical overview of your future project.

What are the benefits of IT consulting services?

They clarify your understanding of the upcoming challenges and project tech implications. This helps you implement your ideas in the best, the fastest, and most cost effective way. 

Why do companies hire technology consultants?

Many companies have a great vision but lack the technical expertise to implement it. Tech consultants are exactly the guys that help them cope with this problem. Many companies have a great vision but lack the technical expertise to implement it. Tech consultants are exactly the guys that help them cope with this problem.


How do your technology consulting services work?

We listen to your specific request and provide you with clear answers. And we can help throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle.


What benefits do IT support and consulting services bring?‌

Our IT consulting services will help you avoid the most common software founder mistakes and get a clear vision of the tech side as fast as possible.


Book Free Strategy Session

Schedule 1-hour strategy session with us and we will give you our opinion on your an idea.