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Machine Learning Consulting Services

Want to make data-driven decisions faster, boost your efficiency, and enhance customer experience? Or to build an innovative product, providing your clients with such advantages? Employ smart machines as your allies! With us as your machine learning consulting partner, you can leverage ML algorithms’ power for your success.

What is Machine Learning, and Why Do You Need ML Consultants

Machine learning, or ML, is about using computer algorithms that can be ‘trained’ to perform some operations without explicit programming. They ‘learn’ with the help of human-labeled datasets or can identify patterns in data on their own. This technology has a variety of uses – have a look at Our Machine Learning Expertise section.


However, ML is a complex technology that bears fruit only if used wisely. You can hire in-house experts, but it will take time and significant investments in team augmentation. Our machine learning consulting services will provide swift access to ML expertise. We will help you to:

Agile development

Decide whether ML is a good fit for your business case

Our consultants will analyze if implementing this complex technology into your product is feasible. If it is, they will point out the biggest opportunities to drive returns and growth. Otherwise, they will suggest alternatives to do the job.

Agile development

Plan ML implementation

Our experts who have profound experience in implementing this technology, will guide your team to avoid common pitfalls. They will help use ML with the greatest benefit, automating routine tasks, boosting productivity, or even providing new capabilities.

Agile development

Collect and prepare data for ML algorithms properly

This task is essential for training and employing ML algorithms successfully. Our team can advise you on how to mine, combine, and transform data from different sources, ensuring the absence of biases.

Agile development

Train, test, and fine-tune ML models

Our consultants will help you to experiment with different parameters while feeding the algorithm with data. Also, they can advise you on how to run various tests to ensure your machine-learning pipeline works as intended.

Agile development

Deploy machine learning solutions

We have experience with systems, personalizing customer experience, chatbots, image analysis tools, and many other ML-based products. Check out Our Machine Learning Expertise section to learn more.

Our Machine Learning Expertise

Data Analytics Tools

Our experts can arm you with ML-powered tools to convert a torrent of data from various sources into actionable insights. We provided RevenueCompass, a commercial intelligence platform, with an ML engine generating sales predictions for wholesalers.

User Experience Personalization

We can help you win the loyalty of your customers by leveraging ML algorithms to provide personalized offers. For instance, our app for the Ziscuit grocery store offers users the most cost-efficient purchase suggestions. Also, we’ve developed an ML-based solution for the ToDoo.Digital project. It offers a personalized learning strategy for each student.


With our assistance, you can communicate with customers more efficiently using Artificial Intelligence. For example, we’ve armed Opesta, a marketing automation SaaS application for Facebook messenger, with AI-based functionality to answer subscribers’ questions.

Text Recognition, Image and Audio Analysis

Use our expertise to help you automate the routine and time-consuming process of dealing with paper documents. We helped EmpireHWC, our client from the healthcare industry, to conduct patient surveys quickly and efficiently using image analysis. We’ve also built an invoice parsing platform for PinWaste, a waste management company. DysTech, a platform identifying reading needs, uses our ML assessment tool to process audio files from users.

…and More!

Find more about our ML expertise from the cases in our Portfolio.

How Do We Build ML-powered Products?

To understand our machine learning consulting services better, consider our approach to ML projects.



We start by studying your business needs, documenting requirements and your product vision.


Data Analysis

Our experts review the existing data infrastructure and check datasets for missing values, anomalies, biases, patterns, and dependencies.


Data Preprocessing

To prepare data for modeling, we clean and transform it into a unified format. This step is essential to train an efficient ML algorithm.


Data Modeling

We train various models to evaluate different ML approaches. Then we choose the best option in terms of accuracy and performance.


Designing the product

Our data science experts engineer and integrate a new solution into the existing software system. They also collect your early feedback to act upon it if necessary.


Maintenance and support

We help your ML solution to keep up with your business’s evolution, integrating more data sources and implementing new features.

Why Choose Our Machine Learning Consulting Services

How are we different from other Machine Learning consulting firms? The answer is in the principles that guide our work.

Client Focus

Client satisfaction is our primary objective. We believe that the key to achieving it lies not only in high-quality services but also in efficient communication. Therefore, we pay special attention to being on the same page as you.

Systematic delivery

Brilliant ideas are essential. However, ideas as such are cheap. We believe in the value of their disciplined realization. Our experts will proceed meticulously to offer the most fitting ML implementation strategy for your case.


Machine Learning is a fascinating and versatile technology one can explore for a long time. Still, its key role in your project is to produce business value. Our experts will assist you in finding the most efficient application for ML as swiftly as possible.

Problem-solving services

In our view, software creation is a search for new solutions to existing problems. We will advise you on the best way to use machine learning in your problem-solving quest. Our experts will help you think out of the box and come up with unique ideas.

Our Machine Learning
Tech Stack

10+ years in software development have brought us experience and knowledge of various technologies, including those used in data science. Our experts are eager to learn something new and master new tools if the projects require it. Here is the tech stack we are familiar with and use in our machine learning consulting services.








Amazon Recognition





React Native





Mongo DB


Who Are We?

our team

SoftFormance develops mobile and web applications for small businesses. Our software solutions are built to fit our clients’ business needs, making them more efficient. We also create new products that provide entrepreneurs with extra revenue streams. Our mission is to assist in building and growing 1.000+ successful SaaS startups.

Aside from machine learning consulting and software consulting, our team offers a variety of services, covering each SaaS startup software development step. SoftFormance can help you with everything from idea validation to support and maintenance. We want our clients to succeed, and we take responsibility for our project’s technical and business results.

Our Clients

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Our Projects

local power


Opesta is a Facebook Messenger marketing automation app.
Location: US, ArizonaTechnologies: Python/Django and PostgreSQLPlatform: Web, Mobile

It provides everything one needs to generate leads, market, and sell. We’ve automated communication with FB users with the help of AI. For that, we utilized Dialogflow, a natural language processing platform that is used to build conversational applications.

Read more

kidi board


PinWaste is a large recycling automation company
Location: US, San DiegoTechnologies: Python and DjangoPlatform: Web, Mobile

We designed an invoice parsing platform to help it retrieve valuable information from paper documents much more quickly. Our experts customized Tesseract – an open-source optical character recognition platform. It extracts text from images and allows saving the document into a searchable text file. Now the client saves 90% of the employee time while processing 2.000 invoices from their vendors each month.

Read more



Ziscuit is a unique online grocery store
Location: US, AtlantTechnologies: Python/Django and JavascriptPlatform: Web, Mobile

Allows shoppers to save money by providing the most suitable purchase suggestions at the lowest price. It is powered by our complex ML-based engine that helps users find the cheapest products across multiple retailers. With this solution, our client managed to get into two software startup accelerators and got multiple seed rounds closed.

Read more


“SoftFormance delivered the app and assistance as specified. They offer an excellent partnership with their sincere interest in the business. They offered their consultation as a complimentary part of their services, setting them apart from their competition. They deliver high-quality results.”

Vladimir Kuzma

CEO & Co-Founder at Byteful GmbH

“SoftFormance completed the three major milestones and the client was able to get more than 1,500 pre-registered users for the MVP's launch. They provided a project tracking platform for progress monitoring. With their business and technical experience, the team offered solutions that were impactful.”

Mark Peterson

Founder & CEO at Ziscuit

“SoftFormance has completed three projects for the client, including calendar and Facebook advertising tools. The Facebook tool has helped them reduce their CPA by 23%, and the calendar app has brought their overbooked appointments down from 8% to 1%. They are very organized and communicative.”

Jack DeGesero

Co-Founder at Guru Digital

"The app boasted over 6,000 users, who appreciated its clean designs and solid performance. SoftFormance impressed with their capable project management, deep talent pool, and consistent communication style. The team addressed any issues quickly and thoroughly."

Ethan Sigmon

Founder at Opesta

“The client has been very pleased with the quality of the improvements and how the main point of contact has delivered thoughtful enhancements that exceed expectations.”

Nicholle Tan

Co-founder at iHoppers

“SoftFormance understood goals quickly and managed the project well. In the last year, traffic more than doubled and the site garnered new leads. They suggested improvements of internal processes, were generous with their knowledge, and their communication was reliable and straightforward.”

Ralf Sonderegger

IT Admin at GRYPS Offertenportal AG

Our Team

Agile development

SoftFormance started in 2011 with just two developers. By now, our team has exceeded 30 specialists. We have experts in various technologies, covering state-of-the-art and niche tools. That long list includes the instruments we require as a machine learning consulting company. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures we hire only top talents. In some cases, candidates endure more than 16 hours of interviews.


1. Why do you need to develop and implement machine learning models?

Machine learning implementation has several benefits for businesses. The key advantages include:


  • Fast decision making. The ML models allow businesses to process and analyze data in an eye blink. Therefore, data-driven decision-making becomes much easier.


  • Improved efficiency. Algorithms can deal with many time-consuming, repetitive tasks allowing businesses to allocate valuable human resources elsewhere.


  • More accurate market forecasts. ML models can ‘learn’ from historical data to predict market trends and customer behavior. Therefore, entrepreneurs can plan their strategies more accurately.


  • Enhanced customer engagement. ML solutions allow businesses to interact with customers in a more personalized way, offering the most relevant products just at the right time.

Use our machine learning consulting services to get several or all of those benefits for your business. Let’s talk and see how we can help you!

2. How are different industries improving productivity with the help of artificial intelligence and data science?

There are various productivity-boosting use cases for ML in different industries. For instance, manufacturing benefits from AI-powered predictive maintenance. Moreover, algorithms can examine different parameters (the quantity of materials consumed, cycle times, temperatures, downtime, etc.) to modify the production runs.


Customer-facing businesses can boost their operations by using chatbots. Any business dealing with large quantities of documents will benefit from the ability of artificial intelligence to extract and analyze data from them. The use of machine learning in consulting can help to avoid costly errors. For example, algorithms may discover obscure tendencies and outcomes within the client’s business processes.


Want to find out how ML and AI can be useful for your business? Contact us!

3. What types of machine learning are there?

ML algorithms are classified into supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. Here is how they differ. 


In supervised learning, the algorithm looks for a way to derive the same conclusions as humans using labeled data as an example. Supervised learning tasks include classification, forecasting, and regression. The semi-supervised approach is similar, but algorithms use both labeled and unlabeled data. 


In unsupervised learning, the algorithm must analyze data to identify patterns. Clustering and dimension reduction fall into this category.


During reinforcement learning, the machine is taught by trial and error. Using a given set of parameters, actions, and end values, the algorithm generates different ‘rules’ to fit them, trying to determine the best one.

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CEO, SoftFormance

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