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Software Consulting Company

Up to 90% of software projects fail in scope, time, or costs. Save your money, time, and nerves with our software consulting services! Together we can refine the business and the technical side of the project. The result? A successful solution built most efficiently.

How is Software Consulting with Softformance Different?

With a decade of experience in software development, we’ve designed a unique approach to help entrepreneurs build successful digital products. We call it the Software Startup Workshop (SSW). As a software consulting company, we carefully study and improve or even redefine a startup idea concept, working with the client.

The key goals of the workshop are:


  • Limiting risks. Before the development starts, you should get your business and technical parts right. We will assess both to help you avoid costly mistakes.


  • Defining the Product Strategy. We examine your product strategy’s critical areas. Our team assists you in getting each part development-ready.


  • Making development cost-effective. You don’t want your software development to be just ‘cheap.’ We can guarantee that your budget will be well-spent.

Is it Worth the Money?

The cost of our workshop starts as low as $970. Our main goal is not to profit from it but to prepare a client for the development stage and reduce the risk on both sides.

You, on the other hand, stand to gain a lot. What does our clients’ experience show? The workshop can save you up to $60.000 and much time. However, the stakes are even higher. 70% of entrepreneurs fail their first attempt to launch a successful startup. The SSW is what you need to improve your chances dramatically.

We are so confident about the high quality of our software consulting services that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 95% of our clients proceed to the development stage after the workshops. You don’t like something? Get a refund, no questions asked.

How Does SSW (Discovery Phase) work?

Our software consulting company has already performed over 80 Software Startup Workshops. We’ve honed this process to perfection. The workshop takes around seven days and consists of five steps:

Step 1: Preparation

Step 2: Product Strategy Design

Step 3: Project Roadmap Design

Step 4: Workshop Results Demo

Step 5: MSP Development Start

Together, we do the research, analyzing your competitors, and interviewing your audience. With this information, we create a Unique Value Proposition and shape your business model using the Lean Canvas template. We also validate your product name.

What’s here? We plan how you will acquire, onboard, and retain your users. Also, we outline user referral opportunities and decide on the software revenue model. The result is an actionable product strategy.

We proceed to define the project scope of an MSP – Minimum Sellable Product. We create the list of desired features as User Stories, and decide on the platform and appropriate technical team members. Moreover, we list possible technical pitfalls.

At this stage, we present the project timeline, cost, and potential risks. Together we try to anticipate future problems and plan the next best steps concerning the MSP development.

Now, all key questions have been resolved. We need only a few preparations to start building your software. We deal with any blockers left, agree on the kick-off date, and allocate the team. At the end of this stage, the development of your product is in progress.

Our Approach to Software Consulting

In our work, we follow several principles which set us apart from other software consulting firms.

Focus on the client

Our ultimate goal is client satisfaction. We devote much attention to being on the same wavelength as you. Therefore, maintaining efficient communication is our primary objective.

Systematic work

We appreciate creativity, but generating brilliant ideas isn’t enough. We value the discipline to proceed step by step, thinking through the best way to build a successful product.

Software to solve problems

We view software creation as a search for ways to solve problems. Our company as a whole and its employees are problem solvers. We think out of the box and select the most effective tools to get the job done.

The importance of results

We love programming, but, first and foremost, software development projects must generate results. The workflows we come up with are clearly organized and have milestones to demonstrate progress.

What Development Solutions Can We Help You With?

SaaS products

We help small businesses which are tight on time and capital to benefit from this delivery model. Our team knows how to build easily accessible, cost-effective, and scalable solutions with options to provide analytics in real-time.

Web applications

Our team creates web solutions that perform smoothly and provide an excellent user experience on any screen. Our engineers are experienced in using Python, Django, and React.js for web development.

Mobile applications

Our mobile app developers can create innovative and easy-to-use apps for Android and iOS systems. We make sure they work perfectly on a variety of devices. Our key tool for building mobile apps is React Native.

CRMs and ERPs

Softformance has profound expertise in producing software to streamline and automate internal business processes. Our software can help you manage customer interactions and perform routine tasks more efficiently.

Industries We Provide Software Consulting Services For

Lean Development

Digital Marketing

This industry accounts for 70% of our clients. We help businesses to build paid ads management dashboards, social media scheduling software, complex data analysis, and pixel tracking software.


We equip companies with CRM and ERP software to streamline their sales processes, saving dozens of hours monthly. We work with various companies, from solar panels producers and construction companies to digital marketing agencies.


Over the last five years, we’ve cooperated with over a dozen healthcare startups. Our team helped them create laboratory management systems (LIMS), gene diseases analysis software, chemical manufacturing ERP, remote COVID toolkit delivery service, and other complex solutions.


Our company assists entrepreneurs in creating online marketplaces. Thus, they can acquire new clients and expand customer bases more easily. 

Business Services

Our team knows how to make the work of business consultants less tedious and more efficient. We can help them to create process automation tools tailored exactly to their needs.

Who are We?


SoftFormance creates web and mobile applications for small businesses. Our custom-built software solutions are tailored to our client’s business needs, making their processes more efficient. Moreover, we provide entrepreneurs with additional revenue streams by building new products. Our mission is to help them build and grow more than a thousand successful SaaS startups.


Our team covers all SaaS startup software development steps, from idea validation to maintenance and support. We strive to help our clients succeed and take responsibility for business and technical results.


Lean Development

Our clients

Our projects


KidiBoard is a social media network for parents. It is an inspiring startup founded by 5 parents from the US that allows parents easily find trusted providers, courses, and activities for their kids. On the platform, parents can easily organize their kid’s days and stay on top of the whole family schedule. Our team built this platform using Python/Django and ReactJS stack. Core functions of the platform are news feed, online community chat, parents’ logistics calendar, and providers marketplace.


Read more


The owners of the digital agency GuruDigital wanted to automate a large amount of manual work. We came up with three solutions: CalPro, software for appointments scheduling; AdsPro – Facebook ads automation software; and DashPro, an analytics dashboard that generates custom reports. Since those tools were implemented, the agency has been saving 250 hours/month, and its revenue has grown twice.




ForwardForms is a Software as a Service web platform for stylists and beauty salons. It allows them to manage online consultations and automate documentation flow. We helped the client to hone the business idea and build the product. Now ForwardForms has up to 200 paid users and is growing steadily. With the initial investments of around 60k, it generates $10k of monthly recurring revenue.


SoftFormance delivered the app and assistance as specified. They offer an excellent partnership with their sincere interest in the business. They offered their consultation as a complimentary part of their services, setting them apart from their competition. They deliver high-quality results

Vladimir Kuzma
CEO & Co-Founder, Byteful GmbH

SoftFormance has completed three projects for the client, including calendar and Facebook advertising tools.

WThe Facebook tool has helped them reduce their CPA by 23%, and the calendar app has brought their overbooked appointments down from 8% to 1%. They are very organized and communicative.

Jack DeGesero
Co-Founder, Guru Digital

SoftFormance completed the three major milestones and the client was able to get more than 1,500 pre-registered users for the MVP's launch. They provided a project tracking platform for progress monitoring. With their business and technical experience, the team offered solutions that were impactful.

Mark Peterson
Founder & CEO, Ziscuit

The client has been very pleased with the quality of the improvements and how the main point of contact has delivered thoughtful enhancements that exceed expectations.

Nicholle Tan
Co-founder, iHoppers

The app boasted over 6,000 users, who appreciated its clean designs and solid performance. SoftFormance impressed with their capable project management, deep talent pool, and consistent communication style. The team addressed any issues quickly and thoroughly.

Ethan Sigmon
Founder, Opesta

The Tech Stack We Use




React Native










Our team


Our team started with two developers and grew to 30+. Our engineers can wield various technologies, including state-of-the-art and niche instruments. We aim to hire only top talents and use a rigorous recruitment process. Some candidates have to pass through 16+ hours of interviews.


Lean Development

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