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Solar CRM Development Company

If you want to grow your solar business, you need to automate your processes. A customer relationship management software development company can help you increase revenue, expand functionality, and communicate with customers more efficiently. A custom cloud-based CRM is a great tool to generate leads and track your progress.

CRM Development Services We Offer

CRM Development Consulting

If you need a consultation before your CRM development process starts from a CRM development company, SoftFormance can help you. All you need to do is describe your ideas, requirements, goals, and business needs, and we will offer our consultancy on the type of CRM that would best suit you and create a technical plan of action.

Support and Training

When your custom CRM is ready, our work is not done yet. The next step is to train your team on how to use the functionality of the new CRM to its maximum. Moreover, we offer support and maintenance at every stage of the development process, especially after the launch.

CRM Integration and Implementation

We not only create custom CRM solar software but also help you integrate it into your business. You don’t need to put all your business processes on pause while we integrate a new CRM. We will do it seamlessly and fast so you won’t notice anything but the improvement.

Custom CRM Development Services

A custom CRM saves you money, time, and your employees’ efforts. A custom CRM allows solar industries to increase business efficiency, manage leads, create and tweak marketing and sales strategies, and do analytics and forecasting easier. With CRM software development, you can choose its functionality set depending on your budget and project, scale up easily, and save money that would otherwise be spent on licenses.

CRM Evolution

Let’s say you already have a solar CRM but you are not satisfied with it. No worries, we can alter your current CRM according to your business type and needs and add new features if you want them. At SoftFormance, we are dedicated to making your CRM perfect and making sure that all your business processes are optimized.

CRM Mobile Apps Development

When creating our CRMs, we use a mobile-first approach. We believe that your solar CRM should be available both for your team and your clients from all devices and browsers. Thus, when working on a CRM for you, we always create its mobile cross-platform version first.

Benefits of a custom-designed CRM system for solar companies

Let’s look at the main advantages of using the services of a custom CRM development company on the example of one of our projects: LocalPower.

Agile development

Saves Money and Increases Sales

With a custom CRM for solar business, you save lots of money that could otherwise be spent on licenses, and numerous tools to collect, store, and analyze data. For example, with our CRM and a roof design tool within it, LocalPower’s sales increased by 27%. Moreover, the company stopped using expensive competitor software which saved almost $6000/month in business costs.

Agile development

Saves Time

A custom solar CRM also saves you time! At LocalPower, when a client wants to create a proposal, the system automatically generates images of how the panels will look, does all the calculations and estimations, tell the client about approximate costs, and send the proposal to the team. As a result, the company’s employees can cover more proposals in less time.

Agile development

Happier Clients

A powerful CRM means happier clients. For example, LocalPower allows clients to track the process of their projects from start to finish. The company’s clients can track the progress of the project, communicate with the engineers, see live photos, and statistics, and almost manage the project themselves.

Agile development

Happier Employees

A custom solar CRM saves your employees’ time and makes their lives easier. They don’t have to do everything by hand, fill in thousands of forms, and create proposals. Everything is done by the CRM, and all info is stored safely in one place. For example, LocalPower has a separate Deals/Leads Kanban Board that helps the team track the process.

Our Solar CRM Projects



Location: US, TexasTechnologies: Python/Django and ReactJS
Platform: Web, Mobile

One of the recent solar power projects we worked on is LocalPower. Our CRM software development company created this CRM for our client from Texas – Ryan. He uses this software within his company. It is a roof design tool with the automated best placement of panels on top of it, calculations of panels’ info, the system’s power, etc.

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Our CRM Development Workflow


Discovery and Gathering Requirements

First, we help you map out your business process and establish your budget. Then, we talk through the main features you want to see in a CRM and its functional requirements. Finally, we create a document with the list of all requirements and customer relationship management software development services.


Defining the Product Strategy

Before we move to the development stage, we help you create your product strategy. Since its a custom CRM, we talk through its value for you, for your employees, and for your clients. Everyone should be happy with your solar CRM.


Creating the Roadmap

During this step, our development team makes a list of all the technical requirements and features needed to make everything work. We design wireframes and turn them into mockups.


Launching MSP

Launching an MSP includes launching a production server, and setting up backups, external APIs, payment gateways, etc. During this stage, we collect first feedback that helps us improve the CRM and adjust some parts if needed.


Building MSP

Next, we create a Minimum Sellable Product. It is done through close communication with the client, updating them on the progress, and adjusting the requests in the middle of the project, if possible.


Support, Maintenance

Once the CRM has been launched, we provide support and maintenance if any bugs or issues arise. We also continue communicating with the client about future changes and new features.

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1. Which technology is best for Solar CRM?

We believe that the best type of CRM for solar companies is the one created specifically for your business because it takes into account all your business needs and requirements. The technologies we usually use to create custom CRMs include Python/Django, Ruby/Railes, and PHP/Syphony. Even though we prefer Python/Django stack for CRM projects.

2. Is it possible to increase the efficiency of solar business with the use of CRM?

Yes, a CRM helps solar companies automate sales processes, increase profits, and create loyal customer relationships.

3. Why is a CRM system necessary for the solar industry?

Custom CRM solar systems allow companies to save money and time. They allow clients to create proposals by themselves so employees can cover more proposals quicker, and the company does not need so many human resources.

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