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UI/UX Design and Development Services

Want a unique interface to make your product stand out on the market? With our UI development services, you will get an eye-catching, intuitive solution that attracts new users and converts them into loyal customers.

What is UX/UI Design?

User interface development consists of two parts – UI and UX design, closely intertwined with each other.

Agile development


UX or User Experience is about managing users’ journey as they interact with a product. UX refers to the product’s feel and the effort required to do something. It concerns interaction design, information architecture, and content.

Agile development


User interface design is about the visual part of your product: font, colors, images, animation, buttons, widgets, etc. UI designers ensure that first-time users would want to stay and learn more. A good UI design visually guides the user through the product.

Why Do You Need a Proper UI/UX Design?

To align the product with user expectations

Listen to what your target audience wants and build your product accordingly. Your product will bring the desired business results only if you are on the same page with the potential users.

To optimize development efforts

Don’t spend money and time on unnecessary features and UX flows. Correcting mistakes after deployment will take extra time and costs. However, building UI properly from the start will pay off in the long run.

To improve customer acquisition

A visually enticing and intuitive UI satisfies users and encourages them to stay longer. As a result, the conversion rate goes up. Besides, a properly designed UI helps to build trust and, therefore, loyalty.

To retain users

The longer it takes for the users to do something, the more likely they will give up halfway. Analyze your UX flows to understand how many steps users make in various scenarios.

To lower customer support and training costs

With an intuitive UI, users are confident about their actions and make fewer errors. They need little help to start working and achieve their goals.

Our UI/UX Design Process

During our UI UX development, we adhere to the plan and pay attention to details to build a perfect product and avoid any issues in the future. It requires time, effort, and discipline. Our product design process consists of five key stages.



Our UI UX dev experts study the project brief and technical requirements to come up with questions for the kickoff meeting. Before we proceed, we have to find out the product’s target audience and conditions of use.



Once all the requirements are listed, we must clarify its main goal. What should a project achieve? Improve conversion, fix onboarding, make a product more user-friendly or modern-looking? Depending on the answer, we plan our next steps.


UX Design

To shape the idea behind the project, we define MVP (Minimum Viable Product) features and prioritize them, research competitors, create a storyboard, define user and app flows, draw a wireframe.


UI Design

Now our team has to implement the UX and branding in a working user interface. At this stage, we create the design concept, create the mood boards, build high-fidelity prototypes and move to the final design/


Branding (optional)

Building brand identity may be required depending on the project goals and product vision. That includes defining the brand name, color palette, brand voice, typography, and logo.

How Do We Address Typical UI/UX Design Challenges?

Improve conversion
Fix onboarding
Make the product more user-friendly
Improve the visual part of the UI

Improve conversion

The lack of high-quality images, animations, and videos makes conversion rates suffer. We choose our strategy depending on the project: remove the clutter, improve the loading speed, introduce customer reviews or FAQs, prioritize a mobile conversion of the solution, etc.

Fix onboarding

Choosing the right onboarding UX practice will help the solution retain more users. For instance, we try to convey the product’s main value, explain the need for notifications, or how every feature is used.

Make the product more user-friendly

In this case, our checklist includes making the navigation more intuitive, fixing the visual part, ensuring mobile-friendliness, making the product more inclusive, and inventing a unique content strategy.

Improve the visual part of the UI

What exactly needs fixing depends on the client’s needs and expectations. Typically, we work with shadows, animation, and typography and unclutter the design.

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Vitaliy Podoba

CEO, SoftFormance

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Our Approach to UI/UX Design

Our work stands on several principles which set our UX and UI development services apart.

Client Focus

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. That is why we devote much attention not only to the quality of work but also to being on the same page with you. Our team considers maintaining efficient communication its key objective.

Result-oriented Team

Our specialists love what they do. However, they all agree that in a software development project, the destination matters, not the road. We clearly organize our workflows and set milestones to measure our progress.

Persistent Work

Brilliant ideas are important, but they aren’t enough to see the project through. Our team appreciates the discipline to proceed one step at a time, finding the most efficient way to ensure your software provides the best user experience.

Problem-solving Software

In our opinion, creating software is looking for ways to solve problems. Our team as a whole and its members are problem solvers. We look at the tasks we face from a fresh perspective and search for the best tools to do the job.

Industries We Provide UI/UX Design and Development Services For

Digital Marketing

70% of our clients come from this industry. The solutions we work with include social media scheduling software, paid ads management dashboards, pixel tracking software, and complex data analysis systems.


We produce CRM and ERP software to streamline sales processes. The list of our сlients includes a variety of businesses, from construction companies and solar panels producers to digital marketing agencies.


Our company has cooperated with over a dozen healthcare startups over the last five years. We helped them to build gene diseases analysis software, laboratory management systems (LIMS), remote COVID toolkit delivery service, chemical manufacturing ERP, and other sophisticated solutions.


Our UI UX development company also helps entrepreneurs to build online marketplaces. Such e-commerce solutions facilitate client acquisition and customer base expansion.

Business Services

Our experts make business consultants more efficient with the help of easy-to-use process automation tools. The solutions we offer are tailored exactly to our client’s needs.

Our Success Stories

local power


LocalPower is a CRM for solar panel agencies
Location: US, TexasTechnologies: Python/Django and ReactJSPlatform: Web, Mobile
We created it for our client from Texas. Ryan uses this software within his company, and now we are preparing it as a SaaS to sell it to other similar solar panel companies in the US. Project is built with Python/Django and ReactJS stack. The most challenging part of it was to build the Roof Design Tool that is being used as an accurate proposal tool in the sales process.
Read more

kidi board


KidiBoard is a social media network for parents
Location: US, New JerseyTechnologies: Python/Django and ReactJSPlatform: Web, Mobile
It is an inspiring startup founded by 5 parents from the US that allows parents easily find trusted providers, courses, and activities for their kids. On the platform, parents can easily organize their kid’s days and stay on top of the whole family schedule. Our team built this platform using Python/Django and ReactJS stack. Core functions of the platform are news feed, online community chat, parents’ logistics calendar, and providers marketplace.
Read more



Gryps is a Swiss-based online B2B marketplace
Location: Switzerland, ZurichTechnologies: Python and Django frameworkPlatform: Web, Mobile
On the platform, Swiss businesses can find and buy products and services from each other in a matter of hours. Our team redesigned front-end and backend for the whole system. Together with our client, we improved conversion from free to paid users of the system. The technology stack used on the project: Python and Django web framework.
Read more

Our Clients

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logo: prescient
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logo: gryps
logo: opesta
logo: dillysocks
logo: ihoppers
logo: solvenzio
logo: kidiboard
logo: solar
logo: growth
logo: powerhome
logo: todoo
logo: blackbook
logo: krypto
logo: neology

What Our Client Say about Us

“SoftFormance has completed three projects for the client, including calendar and Facebook advertising tools. The Facebook tool has helped them reduce their CPA by 23%, and the calendar app has brought their overbooked appointments down from 8% to 1%. They are very organized and communicative.”

Jack DeGesero

Co-Founder at Guru Digital

"The app boasted over 6,000 users, who appreciated its clean designs and solid performance. SoftFormance impressed with their capable project management, deep talent pool, and consistent communication style. The team addressed any issues quickly and thoroughly."

Ethan Sigmon

Social Insight LLC at CEO

“Thousands of students and teachers now use the platform developed by SoftFormance, and it is working well. Although they’ve faced some challenges and normal delays, the team procures to be timely and responsive. Additionally, They’re reliable and trustworthy, and they’ve developed a quality product.”

Majd Haidar

Director at Versae Consult

“SoftFormance completed the three major milestones and the client was able to get more than 1,500 pre-registered users for the MVP's launch. They provided a project tracking platform for progress monitoring. With their business and technical experience, the team offered solutions that were impactful.”

Mark Peterson

Founder & CEO, Ziscuit

Our Team

local power
Leverage our creativity and expertise as a UI development company to make your digital product look and feel great for the customers. Boost their user experience to nail your objectives and grow your business. Whether you build a new product from scratch or want to improve an existing solution, feel free to contact us and book a free consultation!



1. How long does creating a good UI/UX design take?

The answer depends on the scale and complexity of the project. However, in any case, you must be prepared that proper work requires time and isn’t done overnight. If you have an idea in mind and want some estimates, contact us, and discuss it with our experts.

2. Why should you pay attention to the UI/UX design of your site?

Proper UI and UX web development will help to attract new users, reduce bounce rates, improve conversion rates, and boost the loyalty of your customers. Besides, you take the strain off your customer service, as users can manage without outside help and make fewer errors.

3. What are the advantages of working with our company?

Since 2011, Softformance has completed more than 200 projects. Our experts do their best to be on the same wavelength as the clients, carefully considering their ideas, wishes, and remarks. We are transparent, flexible, and creative, but at the same time, disciplined and efficient.

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Kate Pakhomova

Sales Partner, SoftFormance

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