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Electronic Lab Notebook – ELN

Optimize how you record and organize data and collaborate on your scientific research with the help of a custom centralized Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). Centralized ELN solution will help your CRO, laboratory, or R&D-based chemical or biotechnological business boost productivity, streamline your workflows, and support data-driven decisions within your team of scientists.

Our Services

Consultancy & Advisory

We offer expert guidance and strategic recommendations to help you choose the right ELN solution that aligns with your specific requirements, ensuring that you make more data-driven, informed decisions, and receive a product that accurately aligns with your needs.

ELN Software & Data Migration

If your existing ELN solution is outdated or is not centralized, it’s time to migrate to a new one. We understand that it can be a complex process. Our comprehensive software and data migration services ensure a smooth transition, preserving your valuable data and minimizing disruptions.

Employee Training

We offer comprehensive employee training programs to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your team. Our training sessions equip your staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize the ELN and maximize productivity.

ELN Development from Scratch

If your laboratory has unique requirements that existing ELN solutions cannot fulfill, our custom development services are here to assist. We work closely with you to design and develop a bespoke ELN solution tailored precisely to your needs.

ELN Customization

We understand that every laboratory has specific workflows and preferences. Our ELN services provide extensive customization options, allowing you to adapt the ELN interface, forms, templates, and workflows to match your laboratory’s unique requirements.

ELN Redesign

If you already use an ELN but find its interface or functionality lacking, our ELN redesign services are designed to enhance your user experience. We work closely with you to identify areas for improvement and implement a redesigned ELN interface that better suits your needs.

Benefits of Electronic Lab Notebooks

Agile development

Enhanced Data Organization

Our ELN empowers you to digitally organize and store your research data, experiments, and observations in a structured and easily accessible manner, eliminating the hassle of searching through paper records and enabling efficient data retrieval.

Agile development

Improved Collaboration

With our electronic laboratory notebook, collaboration among team members becomes effortless. Real-time sharing of experiments, data, and insights fosters better communication, enables seamless collaboration, and encourages a collaborative research environment where ideas can be shared and refined.

Agile development

Data Security and Integrity

We prioritize the security of your valuable research data. Our ELN provides robust security measures, including data encryption, user access controls, and regular data backups, ensuring that your data remains protected and its integrity is maintained.

Agile development

Streamlined Workflows

Electronic lab notebook software streamlines laboratory workflows by automating repetitive tasks and reducing manual data entry. This saves time, minimizes errors, and allows researchers to focus more on their scientific work rather than administrative tasks.

Agile development

Regulatory Compliance

Our ELN is designed to support compliance with regulatory requirements such as Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and 21 CFR Part 11. It provides features and functionality to ensure data traceability, audit trails, electronic signatures, and other necessary elements for regulatory compliance.

Agile development

Scalability and Flexibility

We understand the evolving needs of your laboratory. Our ELN lab notebook is designed to be scalable and flexible, accommodating the growth of your research activities. You can easily add more users, increase storage capacity, and integrate with additional laboratory instruments and software as your research expands, ensuring your ELN system grows.

Common Features of ELN

Experiment Documentation

A custom ELN enables you to create and document experiments digitally,
providing a structured framework to record your experimental details, procedures, and observations.

Collaboration and Sharing

ELN promotes seamless collaboration among team members. It facilitates real-time sharing of experiments, data, and observations, allowing researchers to work together, provide feedback, and contribute to projects in a collaborative environment.

Electronic Signatures

Our ELN supports electronic signatures, allowing you to digitally sign and validate experiment records, observations, and other critical documents. This feature enhances data integrity, traceability, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Templates and

To streamline experiment documentation, our ELN provides customizable templates and forms. You can create standardized experiment protocols, observation templates, and result forms that can be easily reused, ensuring consistency across your research projects.

Security and Access Control

We prioritize the security of your data. Our electronic notebook laboratory offers robust security features, including access control mechanisms, user permissions, and data encryption, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information.

Data Capture and Management

With our ELN, you have powerful tools at your disposal for capturing and managing research data. From raw data to processed results, the ELN offers a central repository to organize and store your data securely.

Electronic Lab Notebook for Industries

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

ELN is invaluable for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, providing a centralized platform to manage research data, documentation, and collaborations across various departments. It facilitates efficient tracking of experiments, results, and observations, enhancing data integrity and streamlining regulatory compliance processes.

Chemical and Material Science

Electronic Lab Notebook caters to the needs of chemical and material science companies, offering a digital solution to document and organize complex experiments, formulations, and synthesis processes. It enables efficient data capture, analysis, and collaboration among researchers, promoting innovation and accelerating time-to-market for new products.

Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

Electronic laboratory notebooks are an ideal fit for CROs, providing a unified platform for project management, data organization, and collaboration with clients. It allows seamless exchange of experimental data, progress tracking, and real-time communication, fostering strong partnerships and delivering efficient research services.

Environmental and Agricultural

ELN supports environmental and agricultural companies in their research and data management endeavors. It aids in tracking field experiments, monitoring environmental parameters, and documenting observations, enabling better analysis of data, informed decision-making, and streamlined reporting for regulatory compliance.

ELN Development Process


In the discovery phase, we go through your laboratory’s requirements, workflows, and goals. We engage in discussions, gather user feedback, and conduct an in-depth analysis to lay the foundation for the ELN electronic lab notebook development process.

System Design

Based on the insights gained during the discovery phase, our experienced team designs the architecture, user interface, and feature set of your custom ELN solution. We create a comprehensive plan to ensure the system aligns with your specific needs and integrates seamlessly into your laboratory environment.


The development phase involves building the lab notebook electronic solution according to the defined specifications. Our skilled developers utilize the latest technologies and coding best practices to create a robust, scalable, and user-friendly ELN that meets your laboratory’s requirements.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures are implemented to identify and resolve any issues or bugs in the ELN. We conduct thorough functional testing, performance testing, and user acceptance testing to ensure a high-quality and reliable product.

Deployment and Integration

Once the ELN solution has been thoroughly tested, we proceed with the deployment and integration process. Our team ensures a smooth transition from your existing systems, if any, and carefully deploys the electronic lab notebook ELN solution into your laboratory environment while minimizing disruptions to your ongoing operations.

Training and Documentation

We provide comprehensive training programs to ensure a successful onboarding process for your laboratory staff. Our training sessions cover all aspects of the ELN system, equipping users with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the software. Additionally, we provide detailed documentation that serves as a reference guide for users.

Maintenance and Support

Our commitment extends beyond the initial deployment. We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the smooth operation of your ELN electronic laboratory notebook system. Our dedicated support team is available to address any technical issues, provide software updates, and assist with any queries or concerns that may arise.

Our 4 Values


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High Performance

We always try to over-deliver and provide the required results in the shortest possible terms.


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Our Team

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SoftFormance is a software development company with exceptional expertise in providing electronic laboratory notebook ELN software development services for multiple industries. We grew from just two developers in 2011 to 30+ in 2022. Our team of developers is proficient in multiple technologies and can develop any type of software solution for your business. Our hiring process is incredibly rigorous, which means that we employ only top talent. Some candidates undergo more than 16 hours of interviews.


Our Cases

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Location: GermanyTechnologies: Python, Django, RDKit, ReactJS
We have created an ELN lab notebook software for the accounting and management of a chemical company LifeChemicals. Our solution instantly provides its users with accurate search results and offers them an excellent lab journal. As a result, it helps a chemical business automate its clinical trial processes and manage data more efficiently.
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Cerium Labs

Location: US, TexasTechnologies: Python, Zope, Plone CMS
Another ELN we created was for Cerium Labs. This ELN allows its users to streamline daily lab processes and samples. This product helps lab managers assign and monitor jobs. It also provides advanced functionality for storing and searching for lab samples and lab test results.


What Our Clients Say

"We were always able to meet and solve problems in a timely fashion."

Mark Anthony Peterson

Founder & CEO Ziscuit, Inc.

"The communication is quick and simple, and their knowledge is solid."

Ralf Sonderegger

IT Admin GRYPS Offertenportal AG

“SoftFormance was very well-organized and handled through the whole process; deliverables, the knowledge, they knew exactly what was going on.”

Bryan Rodriguez

Lead Technical Architect Gozooko

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We are a company with exceptional expertise in Electronic Lab Notebook solutions. Our team applies vast expertise, a great range of custom practices, and the most promising technologies to bring our customers the solutions that they need.


1. How does an ELN differ from a traditional paper-based lab notebook?

An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) differs from a traditional paper-based lab notebook by providing a digital platform for recording, organizing, and managing laboratory data. Unlike paper notebooks, ELNs offer features such as easy searchability, data sharing, collaboration, and the ability to store large amounts of data electronically.

2. What are the benefits of using an ELN in a laboratory setting?

The benefits of using an ELN in a laboratory setting include improved data organization, streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration among team members, increased data security and integrity, easy data retrieval and searchability, regulatory compliance support, and the ability to automate tasks, leading to greater productivity and efficiency in research processes.

3. Can an ELN be customized to suit our specific research needs?

Yes, an ELN can be customized to suit specific research needs. ELN systems often offer extensive customization options, including the ability to tailor the interface, forms, templates, and workflows to match the specific requirements of your laboratory and research processes.

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