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What our clients say about us

If you had a chance to work with us, please, leave your feedback and we’ll happily add it to our testimonials page. Thank you!

I have worked with a number of software developers before but none of them quite reached the level of professionalism, diligence and enthusiasm that I experienced with Vitaliy and his team. They are incredibly easy to work with and almost always find great programming solutions to our requirements.

What I especially liked about the SoftFormance team is their passion and understanding for our project. It’s like working with friends. Friends that deliver on their promises. I have nothing but praise for the work of SoftFormance team and look forward to working with this agency in the future.

Wolfgang Männel

Founder and Managing Director, Fotografen365

For new start-up company like, having an external IT “team” from SoftFormance is vital. Vitaliy and his team has tirelessly assisting us in server migration, Plone development as well as SEO improvements. Vitaliy has the ability to gauge the issues and requirements we had and offer effective solutions. The team is highly professional, competent and organised. And most importantly, they deliver!

Nicholle Tan


SoftFormance is a team of outstanding python developers with great Python/Zope/Plone CMS skills… what really adds to their potential is their ability to work well with top-level assignments and come up with their own detailed solutions.

Martin Schoel


It has been really a pleasure to work with SoftFormance. They are a team of experienced and smart professionals who are sharp for project development deliverables and specified deadlines. They have developed Plone-based website for Danish municipality child-care service and they have realized the project with extra care and attention to details. Glad to have worked with and looking forward to partnering with SoftFormance again.

Laura Palyusheva

Project Manager,

After two disastrous experience with web developers, we requested SoftFormance to assist us in migrating our websites to a new server and personalisation of WordPress web templates. We are very thrilled with the outcome and would thoroughly recommend Vitaliy and his team.

Jens Kindiger


SoftFormance CEO, Vitaliy, is a very thorough thinker, always first grasping the essence of a requirement before going to work – thus delivering excellent, quick, to-the-point results – plus valuable input on problems one might not have considered before. A pleasure to work with!

Sebastian Klammer

Graphic Designer,

They deliver quality software and documentation, also are responsive during the project. Highly recommended. Pitty that Linkedin only allows me to select 3 attributes.

TsungWei Hu

Software Integrator, Academia Sinica

These guys steadily provide great results in agreed time frame. Very good communication, cooperation and quality. High competency and fast understanding of the specification.

Ivan Kafedzhiev

Configuration Manager, Melexis

Try to understand the problem fully and know Plone inside and out. Responsive and responsible.

Dylan Jay