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SoftFormance Reviews and Testimonials

What Our Client Say about Us

Jack DeGesero
Guru Digital

“It has been incredibly easy to integrate the tools they’ve developed for us into our business.”

Majd Haidar
Versae Consult

“They’re reliable and trustworthy, always being there for us when we need them.”

Vladimir Kuzma
Byteful GmbH

“My clients are very happy, and they like that their app is on the cutting edge of current technology.”

Ethan Sigmon
Social Insight LLC

"SoftFormance is organized—it’s easy to see what they’re working on and how it’s being prioritized."

Ralf Sonderegger
IT Admin
GRYPS Offertenportal AG

"The communication is quick and simple, and their knowledge is solid."

Nicholle Tan

"He really thought about our problem, analyzed it, and gave us a better solution than we asked for."

Wolfgang Männel

"I paid more to another team before I hired SoftFormance, and the other team wasn't half as good."

Martin Schoel
Help Service

"I’ve never really had an experience with them where they couldn't deliver."

Bryan Rodriguez
Lead Technical Architect

"SoftFormance was very well-organized and handled through the whole process; deliverables, the knowledge, they knew exactly what was going on."

TsungWei Hu
Humanities Research

"Every time I discuss requirements, we can iterate and communicate what is best for me, even though we don’t know the end result, yet."

Mark Anthony Peterson
Founder & CEO
Ziscuit, Inc.

"We were always able to meet and solve problems in a timely fashion."


Our clients speak

If you had a chance to work with us, please, leave your feedback and we’ll happily add it to our testimonials page. Thank you!

About workshop
  • Jack DeGesero
  • Co-Founder, Guru Digital
AdsPro, CalPro

“ When you guys put together a very thorough outline of exactly what the project entails. And you are showing us the portal of kind of how you keep up to date with all your clients. And then the communication with you all it’s been great. It’s really just being able to us sharing our vision to you guys and building out some sort of just early on the project outline and us being able to kind of see that vision now on paper and seeing kind of like the road map to actually building out and launching the product.”

About workshop
  • Ryan Wallace
  • CEO, TexasSolar
Local Power

“Vitaliy helped me with our first version of our software program. He and his team did an awesome job. They really helped me to understand the process and how it would work. I felt very comfortable with them the whole time. It never got any surprise charges. I would give my experience a 10 out of 10. I really appreciate your team and suggest to work with these guys!”

About workshop
  • Mark Peterson
  • Founder, Ziscuit

“What I love about what your firm insists on before doing any work with the client is to get that kind of thinking out on the table. The way you described how you approach a project in the client interviews, we had several examples of how you started the project. And more importantly how you push back against entrepreneurs and try to keep them from building things that customers don’t want. Where you are starting from scratch you have an approach that helps you get to get something but not overspend. I love the fact that you became a partner as opposed to a vendor in ihe approach.”

About workshop
  • Majd Haidar
  • CTO, CoursPI

“ We are happy to start with Workshop. SoftFormance team took the responsibility with honestly integrity - this is the main positive thing. The two main recommendations would be to think before starting the transformation, really take everything over which. One more reason - to do Workshop, to think everything before you start doing and maybe go in the wrong direction and then have to start over and select the right partners to work with.”

Our clients say

If you had a chance to work with us, please, leave your feedback and we’ll happily add it to our testimonials page. Thank you!

It has been really a pleasure to work with SoftFormance. They are a team of experienced and smart professionals who are sharp for project development deliverables and specified deadlines.

They have developed Plone-based website for Danish municipality child-care service and they have realized the project with extra care and attention to details. Glad to have worked with and looking forward to partnering with SoftFormance again.

Laura Palyusheva
Project Manager,

After two disastrous experience with web developers, we requested SoftFormance to assist us in migrating our websites to a new server and personalisation of WordPress web templates.

We are very thrilled with the outcome and would thoroughly recommend Vitaliy and his team.

Jens Kindiger

SoftFormance CEO, Vitaliy, is a very thorough thinker, always first grasping the essence of a requirement before going to work – thus delivering excellent, quick, to-the-point results – plus valuable input on problems one might not have considered before. A pleasure to work with!

Sebastian Klammer
Graphic Designer,

These guys steadily provide great results in agreed time frame. Very good communication, cooperation and quality. High competency and fast understanding of the specification.

Ivan Kafedzhiev
Configuration Manager, Melexis

Try to understand the problem fully and know Plone inside and out. Responsive and responsible.

Dylan Jay