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Ads Budgeting & SalesForce Analytics Platform for Solar Agencies


DashPro is an analytical platform for Solar Panel agencies. It helps companies track their marketing budgets spent on more than 15 media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) and connect them with their sales in CRM (e.g., SalesForce).

DashPro provides actionable insights and future projections so that Solar Panels companies know where to focus their budgets and how to increase the ROI on spent dollars.


Jack DeGesero, the owner of Guru Digital, came to us with the request to automate his company processes and help him handle more Solar Panel clients.

Guru Digital is a digital marketing agency based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They help Solar Panel companies generate leads and appointments online.

Guru Digital have experience in managing some of the biggest spenders in lead generation across 20+ digital channels, connected TV, offline media, email, and sms automation.

When Jack came to us, all of the paid ads and SalesForce CRM tracking been done with tons of custom Excel file and Google Spreadsheets.

The goal behind the project was to create a software tool that will streamline the process and move Jack’s company from Excel files into dedicated automated software:

  • Pull data from more than 15 Ad Platforms
  • Pull data from SalesForce CRM
  • Regularly synchronise data into local database
  • Develop SMART analytical dashboard with predictions and actionable insights to increase ROI for Solar Agencies
  • Let Jack provide monthly performance reports to his clients on autopilot and effortless


After detailed Software Startup Workshop our team identified 3 biggest challenges in the project:

1. Pulling data from more than 15 Ad Platforms. Every platform provides a completely different way and API to get data from it. So we had to develop a framework to unify all the platforms and build a level of abstracness so we can keep our software scalable.

2. Synchronise data from SalesForce. Each Jacks’ client, Solar Panel agency, used SalesForce in a bit different way. There were dedicated SalesForce development teams taht heavily customized SalesForce for Solar companies. That’s why we had to find a way to get the necessary Leads data from every client.

3. Math and predictions. Having all the necessary data, we had to invent algorithms and formula to provide Guru Digital and it’s clients with the most useful insights and anlaytics.

DashPro Process

We started with our Software Startup Workshop. And within 2 weeks we had a detailed plan, estimates and specifications into design and development phases.

In the next 4 months we developed an MVP version of the platform. Our team delivered results in multiple 2 weeks sprints.

Last 3 weeks of the project we spent synchronising external production data into our database and testing the functionality.

Now, we keep adding more features and support the platform on monthly basis.

Math, Analytics & Creative Solutions

Our team invented a few creative ways of working with external APIs in the development process.

Connecting to more than 15 Paid Ad Platforms is not a joke. And it requires a lot of time, skills, and experience.

So, instead of developing a custom approach to each platform’s APIs, our team created a unique platform that allowed developers to abstract from the API level and work with every following Network the same way they did with the previous one.

Analytical dashboard requirements made us not only suggest the best formulas and algorithms convert raw data from Ad Platforms and SalesForce but also suggest our client new marketing numbers that will benefit the end clients – Solar Panel agencies.

Our team learned a lot and helped the client improve data accuracy as it was initially used within Excel Files and Google Spreadsheets.

MVP Mockups

Success Numbers


Company management data automated


Project planning has accelerated


Saved per year in employee costs

Project Outcomes

As the result of the project:

  • Our client is saving about $200k per year in employee/payroll costs
  • Company has 95% of all management data automated
  • Guru Digital’s clients happiness and retention rate increased
  • We created 2 more custom automation tools for Sales Funnels and Paid Ads Configuration for our client

Client Feedback

«When you guys put together a very thorough outline of exactly what the project entails. And you are showing us the portal of kind of how you keep up to date with all your clients. And then the communication with you all it’s been great. It’s really just being able to us sharing our vision to you guys and building out some sort of just early on the project outline and us being able to kind of see that vision now on paper and seeing kind of like the road map to actually building out and launching the product.»
Jack DeGesero

Co-Founder, Guru Digital

Key Technologies Used


Python & Django web framework


PostgreSQL and Redis databases

Stripe API


Celery and RabbitMQ

Facebook Marketing API

SalesForce API

The Team

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CEO, SoftFormance

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