google linked-in facebook office phone mail facebook_r twitter_r google_r instaram_r github_r linkedin_r downloads notifications star sign is the first portal for customers of photographers where they can look for a suitable photographer for their purpose based on a selection of image styles. Normally, only a list of websites of nearby photographers is being provided which isn’t very helpful. sets out to vastly improve on this.

It was built around the 16 most often used photo categories, like weddings portrait, architecture and corporate.

And all this could be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Select category and location (including auto-locate).
  • Like a suitable image style within a photo category.
  • Get a list of well-rated photographers within your area, by selected category and with recommended photos specifically for your taste!

Carefully thought out UI provides visitor with smooth experience and easy to use procedure to find photographers. For photographers there are also great tools to keep their profile and portfolio up to date and with just few clicks.


SoftFormance team together with client built Beta version in just 6 months of active development. To make UI really easy and intuitive to use we applied a lot of experiments and some features were re-written for up to 5 times.

Technology stack includes:

  • Python, Django and PostgreSQL on server side;
  • Django Channels for background tasks like sending emails and PDF generation;
  • Javascript and tons of libraries for great UI, portfolio albums and dynamic backend for photographers (jQuery, Masonry, 3d Coverflow, etc…);
  • Nginx as front-end server.

The most significant technical achievements:

  • using Django Channels (newly released asynchronous Django framework solution) for background tasks and communication;
  • using external API to send emails in asynchronous mode and with templates stored in;
  • advanced work with PDF generation tools;
  • GEO location based searches;
  • nicely put together UI that works on all major browsers and devices (including tablets and mobiles);
  • continuous integration and instant “every-task-to-demo-deployment” mode;
  • front-end and back-end tests coverage.

Client: Photography Marketing 365 UG, Wolfgang Männel (Germany)


Client Feedback:

“I have worked with a number of software developers before but none of them quite reached the level of professionalism, diligence and enthusiasm that I experienced with Vitaliy and his team. They are incredibly easy to work with and almost always find great programming solutions to our requirements.

What I especially liked about the SoftFormance team is their passion and understanding for our project. It’s like working with friends. Friends that deliver on their promises.

Another great advantage is the seamless communication between Vitaliy’s team members in the background that gave me the impression when talking to one person on the team that everyone was also updated at the same time. This for me avoided redundancy in communication and greatly improved interface and overlap management for functional requirements.

I have nothing but praise for the work of SoftFormance team and look forward to working with this agency in the future.”

Wolfgang Männel
Founder and Managing Director, Fotografen365


Posted on

November 2, 2016