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SocialInsight is an Instagram marketing platform we built for our client from Arizona, US.

The problem at that time was that most of existing Instagram marketing tools were too expensive or with too limited set of functions.

The platform was developed as Software as a Service web application (SAAS) and is now successfully running with hundreds of paid users.

Our team successfully developed:

  • Historical data analyses tools
  • Followers insights
  • Post Scheduling feature
  • Multiple Instagram accounts support
  • and many more regular functions common for any SaaS web app

2 of the most challenging tasks:

  1. Handling millions of rows of data per hour. After multiple experiments MongoDB (non-relational database) worked best for us
  2. Making Post Scheduler feature as user-friendly as possible. In a couple of months we made it finally work.

Key Technologies used:

  • Python and Flask web framework
  • PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases
  • Celery for background tasks
  • Angular.js for front-end app
  • Stripe for online payments

Client: Ethan Sigmon (US)


Client Feedback:

“The app boasted over 6,000 users, who appreciated its clean designs and solid performance. SoftFormance impressed with their capable project management, deep talent pool, and consistent communication style. The team addressed any issues quickly and thoroughly.”

Ethan Sigmon
Founder and Managing Director, SocialInsight


Posted on

February 2, 2017